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A Case of Spirits by K.J. Charles Review

Title: A Case of Spirits

Author: K.J. Charles

First published January 6, 2015

32 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.01


The streets of London are once again plagued by a new kind of wave, one that is causing madness and eye-melting blindness. Ghost sightings continue to rise, and Lord Crane’s manservant, Merrick, is the latest victim.

With the outbreak hitting close to home, Crane and his lover, the magician Stephen Day, must race against time to uncover the cause of the malady. As painful memories from the past are resurrected by the ghosts, the duo must put an end to the magical assault and restore peace to the city.

Will they be able to stop this new threat before it’s too late? Find out in K.J. Charles’ gripping novel, A Case of Spirits.

Editoral Review

A Case of Spirits by K.J. Charles is a delightful historical romance novel that was first published on January 6, 2015. As an author, K.J. Charles is known for her expertise in writing a series of historical LGBTQ+ romance novels that have been widely acclaimed and popularized within this genre.

With this book, Charles does not disappoint her fans, as she delivers an impeccable story set in the Victorian era, filled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue. The plot of A Case of Spirits follows the journey of Saul Lazenby, a disgraced ex-policeman and now a grifter, and Randolph Glyde, an eccentric and aristocratic ghost-hunter.

In an era where ghosts, spirits, and mediums were a prevalent part of Victorian society, Glyde hires Lazenby to investigate a fraudulent spiritual medium, and so begins an exciting adventure filled with deception, love, and danger. Charles impressively combines historical accuracy with fascinating fictional elements to create a compelling story that is easy to follow.

The setting of the novel, including the descriptions of the streets, alleys, and buildings that make up London, is vividly articulated, making the reader feel as though they have traveled back in time to this era. The characters in the book are well-developed and realistic, each with a unique personality that adds depth to the story.

Charles is particularly adept at describing the relationships that build between her characters. In the case of Saul and Glyde, the growing intimacy between the two men is not rushed, but instead is allowed to develop naturally, through a series of events that the reader will come to love.

Charles also tackles themes such as class, gender, and sexuality, positioning her story within wider social, political, and cultural contexts. She exposes the contrast between the privilege of the wealthy class and the struggles of the working class, as well as the role of women and LGBTQ+ individuals in Victorian society.

The author incorporates these themes in a subtle, but thought-provoking way, making it easier for readers to resonate with the goings on of the past. In conclusion, A Case of Spirits is a well-written and compelling book that will appeal to those interested in historical fiction, mystery, and LGBTQ+ romance.

K.J. Charles delivers a fantastic story with lively characters, an absorbing plot, and insightful commentary on social issues of the era. Despite a few slow parts, A Case of Spirits is an excellent read that I would highly recommend to readers who enjoy this genre.

Therefore, I rate it four-stars out of five, for its ability to captivate and enlighten its readers on the Victorian era while presenting an exciting story.

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