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A Cupboard Full of Coats by Yvvette Edwards Review

Title: A Cupboard Full of Coats

Author: Yvvette Edwards

First published June 16, 2011

259 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.63


“Knock, knock,” he said, and Jinx’s life was turned upside down once again. The guilt of killing her mother had been haunting her for fourteen years, leaving her estranged from her husband and relieved when he took their son with him.

However, when Lemon, an old friend of her mother’s, shows up, Jinx is forced to confront her past. As they unravel an unforgettable family drama filled with violence and passion, they both discover that they have their own secrets to share.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of East London and the West Indies, Yvvette Edwards’s debut novel, A Cupboard Full of Coats, delivers a unique and uncompromising narrative that announces her as a new talent in British fiction.”

Editoral Review

A Cupboard Full of Coats by Yvvette Edwards is a gripping and thought-provoking novel that explores the themes of grief, forgiveness, and redemption. Yvvette Edwards is a British author who is known for her ability to write emotionally powerful novels that resonate with readers.

This debut novel was first published on June 16, 2011, and quickly gained critical acclaim for its engaging storytelling and nuanced portrayal of complex characters. The book is set in contemporary London and follows the story of Jinx, a woman who has spent the last 14 years of her life trying to come to terms with the murder of her mother.

Jinx lives in a small flat with her teenage son, and her life is thrown into turmoil when Lemon, the man who killed her mother, reappears in her life. The novel delves into Jinx’s past and explores the events leading up to her mother’s death.

It also explores the relationships between Jinx, Lemon, and her childhood friend, Berris, who has been a constant source of support throughout her life. One of the strengths of this novel is its ability to convey the complexities of grief and forgiveness.

Edwards writes with great sensitivity and empathy about the devastating impact that losing a loved one in such a violent way can have on a person’s life. The novel also explores the difficult process of forgiveness, and how it can be a transformative force in people’s lives.

The characters in A Cupboard Full of Coats are fully developed and multi-dimensional. Jinx, in particular, is a complex character who is struggling to come to terms with the events of her past.

Her relationships with Lemon and Berris are both fraught with tension and ambiguity, and Edwards does an excellent job of exploring their dynamics. One of the book’s limitations, however, is its pacing.

The novel can be slow-moving at times, and some readers may find themselves getting bogged down in the narrative. Additionally, the novel can be quite dark and heavy, which may be off-putting to some readers.

Overall, A Cupboard Full of Coats is a beautifully written novel that will resonate with readers who enjoy emotionally rich and nuanced storytelling. The book has an important message about the power of forgiveness and how it can transform people’s lives.

The novel is recommended for readers who enjoy literary fiction and character-driven stories. However, readers should be aware that the book can be quite intense and emotionally draining at times.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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