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A Kiss Like This by Sara Ney Review

Title: A Kiss Like This

Author: Sara Ney

First published May 31, 2015

321 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.83


MEET LUCY GRAYSON. She’s never been the life of the party, always feeling more comfortable observing from the sidelines.

Her lack of confidence has driven her to seek solace in the pages of her favorite romance novels, dreaming of the perfect man who will sweep her off her feet. Enter JASON COOPER.

Star quarterback for the university’s football team, Jason is a man of few words who prefers to keep his head down and focus on the game. He’s not interested in the drama of college life or the girls who throw themselves at him.

But when Lucy accidentally spills coffee all over him, their worlds collide in the most unexpected way. As they navigate their growing feelings for each other, they realize that sometimes love comes when you least expect it.

WARNING: This book contains strong language, explicit sexual content, and characters who are unapologetically themselves. RATING: R

About the Author

Meet Sara Ney, the talented author behind the highly popular How to Date a Douchebag series. Her writing is known for its irresistible mix of steamy romance and hilarious humor, making her a favorite among fans of New Adult fiction.

When she’s not busy crafting captivating stories, Sara indulges in some of her favorite guilty pleasures, like sipping on iced lattes and admiring historical architecture. She’s also a lover of art and vintage books, and can often be found browsing the stalls of flea markets.

And although she hails from the United States, Sara is a self-proclaimed Anglophile who fancies herself British. Join her world of colorful characters and witty banter by diving into one of her delightful books today!

Editoral Review

Sara Ney pulled readers into the charming and witty romance novel, A Kiss Like This, first published on May 31, 2015. Ney is known for writing believable romances with developed characters and captivating storylines.

This novel is no different and delivers an engrossing story that is sure to capture the hearts of readers. Set in a small coastal town in North Carolina, A Kiss Like This follows the story of Brooklyn and Quinn.

Brooklyn, a twenty-something bartender who has been unlucky in love, is thrown for a loop when a stunning man walks into her bar. From the moment they meet, Quinn, the town’s newest resident, and Brooklyn share an instant connection.

Despite their chemistry, Brooklyn’s insecurities, and Quinn’s past, pose potential challenges that serve to heighten the tension and suspense throughout the novel. The two face their challenging secrets and personal demons, from the fear of being heartbroken again to the fear of letting go of past pain.

Through it all, the pair maintains an endearing connection that captures the reader’s attention. Ney’s writing style is impeccable, and her character development is top-notch.

Each character is unique, with their own quirks and flaws, making them more relatable to readers. The pacing of A Kiss Like This is brisk and requires the reader’s full attention to keep up with the twists and turns of the story.

One significant strength of the book is the small-town setting and references to Southern hospitality and culture. Ney does an excellent job of creating a tight-knit community in her writing, which makes readers feel as if they are part of the town itself.

Another notable aspect of Ney’s writing in A Kiss Like This is the well-handled exploration of toxic relationships and the complicated emotions that come with discovering that something’s not right in those relationships. The author skillfully navigates the topic, drawing readers into the complex experiences of both main characters, helping readers better comprehend the events that have led them to where they are.

Despite Ney’s strengths in character development and storytelling, the novel does have a small flaw – a tendency to become predictable at times – particularly when it comes to the book’s romantic elements. However, the predictable moments may not be noticeable to anyone who enjoys a good romantic novel.

In conclusion, A Kiss Like This is worth taking the time to read. Its strong characters, fast pace, and unique setting make it an engaging and enjoyable read.

Lovers of romantic novels will find themselves enraptured by Ney’s writing style, detailed world-building, and relatable characters. Overall, I give A Kiss Like This 4/5 stars, and I recommend this novel to anyone looking for a cozy, heartwarming read.