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A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry, #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton Review

Title: A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry, #1)

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

First published September 30, 2000

16 pages, Audiobook

ISBN: 9781597104319 (ISBN10: 1597104310)

Rating: 4.01


Meredith Gentry has been living a double life as a private investigator in Los Angeles, hiding her true identity as the missing Elven American Princess. But when Doyle, the Queen’s chief bodyguard and assassin, comes to fetch her back to the UnSeelie Court, Meredith finds herself caught in a deadly game of politics that could determine the future of her world.

To win the crown and continue living, she must fulfill the requirements of her new job: enjoying the constant company of the most beautiful and immortal men in the world. But with death as the penalty for failure, Meredith must navigate the treacherous waters of court intrigue and power struggles to survive.

Will she be able to outsmart her aunt, the Queen of Air and Darkness, or will she become another pawn in her aunt’s plans? Find out in A Kiss of Shadows, a thrilling tale of magic, romance, and danger.

About the Author

Did you know Laurell K. Hamilton is a fantastic writer in the paranormal fiction genre?

Her books have topped the charts, including the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series and the Meredith Gentry series. She even has a comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels that’s a bestseller published by Marvel Comics.

Hamilton dedicates her time to writing and resides with her family in the suburbs of St. Louis.

Editoral Review

Laurell K. Hamilton’s first installment in the Meredith Gentry series, A Kiss of Shadows, is a dark and sensuous urban fantasy novel that explores the intricate politics of the faerie court.

Hamilton has been a prominent writer in the genre of paranormal romance and urban fantasy since the 1990s, and this series presents a unique take on the supernatural realm, drawing readers in with its vivid descriptions and compelling characters. The novel follows the protagonist Meredith Gentry, a faerie princess living in Los Angeles, who is in hiding from her own kind.

As a member of the Unseelie court, Meredith has been marked for death due to her half-human heritage. When a series of murders occur amongst the faerie community, Meredith becomes embroiled in the political machinations of the faerie world, putting her own life in danger.

Along the way, she is reunited with several faerie companions, including the seductive Winter Queen and the charming Sidhe-Kin, who help her navigate the perilous landscape of the Unseelie court. Hamilton’s writing is lush and descriptive, captivating readers with its imagery and sensuality.

The novel’s world-building is equally impressive, with its intricate social hierarchies and colorful cast of supernatural characters. The author also tackles themes of power, sexuality, and identity, making the novel’s exploration of the faerie realm a thoughtful critique of our own society.

Despite its strengths, A Kiss of Shadows does have some weaknesses. The novel’s pacing is uneven, with certain plot points feeling rushed, while others linger on for too long.

The protagonist Meredith can also come across as an overly simplistic character at times, lacking the complexity and nuance of some of her supporting cast. Overall, fans of Hamilton’s Anita Blake series or other urban fantasy novels will find much to enjoy in A Kiss of Shadows.

Hamilton’s writing is top-notch, weaving together an intricate plot with rich and detailed descriptions that make readers feel as though they are a part of the faerie world. For those looking to escape into a dark and seductive fantasy realm, A Kiss of Shadows is a must-read.

Rating: 4/5 stars.