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A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder Review

Title: A Little Harmless Sex

Author: Melissa Schroeder

First published February 6, 2007

193 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781599984230 (ISBN10: 1599984237)

Rating: 3.66


Is it love, or just a little harmless sex? Anna has always been drawn to Max, the charming and very sexy man who has always been there for her.

But Max has always seen her as a little sister and nothing more. That is, until a bad breakup and a few too many margaritas lead to a night of mind-blowing sex that neither of them can forget.

As they navigate their new relationship, Anna can’t believe she’s finally with the man of her dreams, but Max is a commitment-phobe who’s never been interested in settling down. Can he convince Anna that he wants her forever, or will their passion fizzle out as quickly as it ignited?

Follow their journey in A Little Harmless Sex, where love and lust collide in unexpected ways.

About the Author

Melissa Schroeder, a bestselling author in the USA, has an impressive track record of publishing almost 90 short stories, novellas, and novels over the last 15 years. She has an active Facebook fan page and group, as well as a presence on Bookbub and Instagram.

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Editoral Review

Haunted by Jenny Carroll is a thrilling young adult novel first published on January 21, 2003. Jenny Carroll is actually a pseudonym of Meg Cabot, the bestselling author of The Princess Diaries.

This book is a part of her series “The Mediator.” Carroll provides readers with a fascinating paranormal story that is both riveting and entertaining. The story follows the life of sixteen-year-old Suze Simon, a gifted mediator living in California.

Her job, as she defines it, is to communicate with and assist ghosts in order to help them pass peacefully into the afterlife. Yet, her ability leads her to a mysterious and dangerous New Yorker named Jesse, who is hiding a terrible secret.

As they work together to uncover the truth, Suze finds herself trapped in a battle with malicious spirits, solving the mystery of the haunted New York City home, and trying to protect Jesse from a looming danger. Haunted is a well-written book that is sure to keep readers of all ages engrossed in the storyline.

Carroll takes an interesting approach to the paranormal genre and combines it with humor and romance, making the story light-hearted despite the supernatural elements. She develops unique, distinctive characters through their relationships with one another, especially Suze’s witty and entertaining inner voice.

The pacing of the plot is consistent, keeping the reader engaged throughout the book. The setting of the story is vividly descriptive, and the author uses the atmospheric backdrop of New York City to amplify the story’s ambiance and velocity.

While some may find certain sections of the plot predictable, this does not detract from the story’s overall enjoyment. It has its quirky moments and is far from the traditional straightforward ghost story.

Carroll provides readers with a fresh perspective, and a thrilling and hilarious mixture of genres. One of the most interesting things about Haunted is its relevance to current events.

The way that Carroll addresses the social issues of cliques, racism, classism, and xenophobia that Suze experiences and overcomes in her daily life. The theme of coping with loss and finding closure is also beautifully depicted throughout the story, making it relatable to anyone going through a similar healing process.

Overall, Haunted is a fantastic young adult novel that leaves you wanting more. The story’s humor and compelling plot make it an enjoyable read.

It would appeal to fans of paranormal romance, mystery fans, as well as readers interested in exploring the power of the human spirit. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast-paced, engaging paranormal novel.

Rating: 4.5/5.0