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A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry Review

Title: A Skeleton in the Family

Author: Leigh Perry

First published August 6, 2013

291 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780425255841 (ISBN10: 0425255840)

Rating: 4.06


Georgia Thackery never expected to move back in with her parents, let alone live with a walking, talking skeleton named Sid. But when she takes a job at the local college and reconnects with old friends, she finds herself navigating life with a very unique housemate.

Sid has been a part of the Thackery family for as long as Georgia can remember, but his past remains a mystery. When they attend an anime convention, Sid sees a woman who triggers memories of his past and he’s determined to uncover the truth about his death.

With Georgia’s help, they embark on an investigation that could uncover a killer who’s still on the loose. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Find out in Leigh Perry’s A Skeleton in the Family.

About the Author

Toni L.P. Kelner writes under the pen name Leigh Perry.

Editoral Review

A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry is a cozy mystery novel that was first published on August 6, 2013. The author, Leigh Perry, is the pen name of author Toni L.P. Kelner.

Kelner is also known for her work on urban fantasy and paranormal mystery novels, and her experience in these genres shines through in the quality of the writing and storytelling in A Skeleton in the Family. The novel takes place in the small town of North Ashcot, Massachusetts and follows the story of Georgia Thackery, an adjunct professor who has returned to the town she grew up in to help her parents take care of her teenage daughter while they are away on sabbatical.

When her childhood friend and neighbor, Sid, dies unexpectedly, Georgia takes it upon herself to solve the mystery surrounding his death. The only problem is that Sid’s skeleton has been donated to the local university for study, and Georgia now finds herself investigating his murder with a skeleton as her sidekick.

The plot of A Skeleton in the Family is well-crafted and keeps the reader engaged throughout the novel. Kelner does an excellent job of integrating humor into the story, making the book not only entertaining but also enjoyable.

The cast of characters is diverse and well-developed, particularly the relationship between Georgia and her teenage daughter, Madison. The setting of the small-town community is familiar and adds to the cozy atmosphere of the mystery.

One strength of the book is the seamless blending of the mystery genre with the paranormal. The presence of Sid’s skeleton as a character is unique, and Kelner manages to make it believable and engaging.

However, one of the weaknesses of the book is that some of the clues and plot points were a bit predictable, and the climax of the novel could have been more suspenseful. Overall, A Skeleton in the Family is an enjoyable read that will satisfy fans of the cozy mystery genre.

Kelner’s writing is well-crafted, and the inclusion of the paranormal elements adds a unique twist to the story. The book is suitable for anyone looking for a lighthearted, entertaining mystery novel.

I would recommend this book to fans of cozy mystery novels and anyone looking for a quick, enjoyable read. The book would also be a great fit for readers looking for a book with a unique twist on the mystery genre.

I would give A Skeleton in the Family a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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