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Almost Paradise by Susan Isaacs Review

Title: Almost Paradise

Author: Susan Isaacs

First published January 1, 1984

688 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780061014659 (ISBN10: 0061014656)

Rating: 3.72


Susan Isaacs’ Almost Paradise is a heartwarming family saga about two people who meet in college and fall in love. Nick, the blue-eyed scion of a wealthy New York family, and Jane, a smart, gifted, and funny Midwest girl, come together to form a life filled with love, work, and children.

However, fame and success come at a high price, and their marriage is put to the test. When an accident leaves Jane hovering between life and death, their union and Jane’s life hang in the balance.

Almost Paradise is a poignant and engaging tale that explores the ties that bind us together and the missed opportunities that tear us apart. Isaacs’ storytelling is unforgettable, and this novel will leave you feeling wondrous and heartbroken.

About the Author

Susan Isaacs has authored an impressive fourteen novels, among them Compromising Positions, Shining Through, After All These Years, and As Husbands Go. Her latest novel, Takes One to Know One, is set to hit the shelves in October 2019. Alongside her writing, Susan has had an illustrious career as a former editor for Seventeen and a freelance political speechwriter.

She also holds the position of chairman for the board of Poets & Writers, and in the past, has served as president of Mystery Writers of America.

Editoral Review

Almost Paradise by Susan Isaacs is a compelling novel that was first published on January 1, 1984. Susan Isaacs is an American novelist and screenwriter who has authored several works, including Shining Through and Compromising Positions.

Her writing style is heavily influenced by her background in journalism, which is evident in her knack for crafting relatable characters and witty dialogues that can hold a reader’s attention for hours. Almost Paradise is a mystery romance that chronicles the lives of two intellects, David and Eve, who reunite after years of being apart.

Eve arrives in David’s life as a divorcee and soon stirs up his world with a thrilling mystery that sets them on a dangerous path. David is haunted by the memory of his wife, who died tragically years ago, and now he has to gamble everything, including his heart, to save Eve from a potentially life-threatening ordeal.

The story is set in upscale Long Island, New York, and provides the reader with an insight into the extravagant lifestyle of the elite in the 1980s. Isaacs captures the essence of the era with vivid descriptions of the fashion, music, and social norms while also infusing elements of suspense and intrigue that keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Almost Paradise is a classic example of how to write a perfect romance mystery. The novel is expertly crafted, with the main characters, David and Eve, expertly fleshed out to show their personalities, strengths, and vulnerabilities.

The supporting characters also play significant roles in the story and add depth to the plot. The pacing of the novel is well-balanced, with a seamless flow of scenes that seamlessly blend into one another, and the dialogues are witty and add humor to the story.

The author’s choice of words is precise, and her writing style is immersive, making the reader feel like they are part of the story. Almost Paradise is a timeless novel that has relevance in our contemporary era.

The central theme of the novel is the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, and this resonates today as it did in the 1980s. It is also noteworthy that Isaacs tackles issues such as domestic violence and infidelity, which were taboo topics at the time, and she does so with sensitivity and empathy, making Almost Paradise a daring and revolutionary work.

Overall, Almost Paradise is a must-read for anyone who enjoys mystery romance or wants to delve into the world of the elite lifestyle. This novel has something for everyone and is a testament to the craft of writing.

Susan Isaacs has crafted an engaging tale that will linger in the reader’s mind, long after they have put down the book. The Washington Post gives Almost Paradise a 4/5 rating for its superb writing and compelling storyline.