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An On Dublin Street Christmas by Samantha Young Review

Title: An On Dublin Street Christmas

Author: Samantha Young

First published December 15, 2012

36 pages, ebook

Rating: 4.15


In “An On Dublin Street Christmas” by Samantha Young, Jocelyn Butler is forced to confront her past when it comes back to haunt her. After moving to Scotland four years ago to escape her tragic history, Jocelyn thought she had left it all behind.

But when a familiar face appears on Dublin Street, she can no longer ignore her demons. Braden Carmichael, the man who once shook her carefully guarded world, is back, and he’s determined to help Jocelyn heal.

Despite her reservations, Jocelyn accepts Braden’s offer of friendship and soon finds herself falling for him once again. But can she trust him with her heart and her past?

Find out in this heartwarming holiday tale of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Editoral Review

An On Dublin Street Christmas by Samantha Young is a heartwarming romance novel that is sure to get readers in the holiday spirit. Young is a bestselling author known for her engaging characters and gripping storytelling, and this novel is no exception.

The book was first published on December 15, 2012, and has since become a popular read for the holiday season. The novel is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, a city known for its charm and beauty during the Christmas season.

The story follows the lives of Joss and Braden, who have just moved into their first home together. They are both struggling to adapt to their new life and the festive season, which is made all the more difficult by Joss’s traumatic past.

Despite their struggles, they find themselves falling deeper in love with each other. Young has penned a story with relatable characters, realistic situations, and emotional depth.

The themes of coping with trauma, forgiveness, and healing are all present and thoughtfully explored. The novel also touches on the importance of family and community during the holidays.

One of the book’s strengths is the character development. Joss and Braden are well-written and layered characters who readers will come to care about.

They have backgrounds and personalities that are explored and fleshed out throughout the novel. Young skillfully captures the nuances of their relationship, and readers will find themselves invested in their happiness.

The pacing of the novel is another strength. It is well-balanced and keeps the reader engaged throughout.

There are moments of tension and conflict that are expertly woven into the story, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Young’s writing style is easy to read and immersive.

The descriptions of Edinburgh during the holiday season are beautiful and transportive. The dialogue is natural and flows well, making it easy for the reader to become invested in the story.

Overall, An On Dublin Street Christmas is an enjoyable read that is perfect for the holiday season. While it may be a bit predictable at times, it is still a well-written and engaging novel that will leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy.

Fans of romance novels and holiday stories will find a lot to love here. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.