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Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe Review

Title: Annabel Lee

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

First published October 9, 1849

24 pages

Rating: 4.33


“Annabel Lee” is a haunting poem by the legendary American author, Edgar Allan Poe. This poignant piece delves into the theme of the death of a beautiful woman, a recurring theme in Poe’s works.

The narrator, who was enamored with Annabel Lee from a young age, holds an undying love for her that even the angels cannot match. Despite her passing, the narrator’s love for Annabel Lee endures.

The inspiration behind this moving poem remains a mystery, with many women being suggested, including Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, Poe’s own wife. Published posthumously in 1849, “Annabel Lee” stands as a testament to Poe’s genius and his ability to evoke strong emotions with his words.

About the Author

When we hear the name Poe, we think of chilling tales of murderers, premature burials, and the supernatural. Poe’s literary works, which have been in circulation since 1827, include iconic pieces like The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Poe was a versatile writer who produced short stories, poetry, a novel, a textbook, a book of scientific theory, and hundreds of essays and book reviews. He is often credited with inventing the modern detective story and making significant contributions to the science fiction genre.

However, he primarily made his living as America’s first great literary critic and theoretician. Poe is best known for his tales of terror and his haunting lyric poetry.

Poe’s eccentric characters and mysterious stories have captured the public’s imagination, making him an enigmatic figure in popular culture. He is often portrayed as a dark, brooding man lurking in the shadows of moonlit cemeteries or crumbling castles.

However, much of what we know about Poe is inaccurate and the result of a biography written by one of his enemies to discredit him.

The real Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809, to traveling actors. He was the second of three children, and his brother William Henry Leonard Poe also became a poet before his untimely death.

Poe’s sister Rosalie Poe grew up to become a penmanship teacher at a girls’ school in Richmond. Within three years of Poe’s birth, both his parents had passed away, and he was taken in by wealthy tobacco merchant John Allan and his wife Frances Valentine Allan in Richmond, Virginia.

Poe’s siblings were sent to live with other families. Mr. Allan intended to raise Poe as a businessman and a “Virginia gentleman,” but Poe dreamed of becoming a writer, inspired by his childhood hero, the British poet Lord Byron.

Early poems written in Poe’s handwriting on the backs of Allan’s ledger sheets show his lack of interest in the tobacco business.

Editoral Review

Annabel Lee, written by renowned author and poet Edgar Allan Poe, is a hauntingly beautiful poem that explores the theme of eternal love and the tragedy of death. First published on October 9, 1849, this classic work of literature has continued to captivate readers with its compelling storytelling, powerful imagery, and clever use of meter and rhyme.

The poem tells the story of a man who is deeply in love with a woman named Annabel Lee, and how their love persists beyond the grave. The narrator recounts the happy moments they shared together before Annabel fell ill and eventually passed away.

Despite the tragic end to their relationship, the narrator insists that his love for Annabel will never die and that they will be reunited in the afterlife. Annabel Lee is a masterfully written work that showcases Poe’s talent for creating evocative imagery and crafting a compelling narrative.

The poem is characterized by its repetitive use of the refrain “in a kingdom by the sea” and its melancholic tone, which conveys a sense of longing and loss. The poem’s themes of love and death, as well as its exploration of the supernatural and the afterlife, are timeless and continue to resonate with readers today.

One of the strengths of Annabel Lee is its use of meter and rhyme. Poe employs a unique scheme that combines lines of varying lengths and stresses to create a musical and poetic effect.

The poem also features a memorable refrain that serves to reinforce the central theme of eternal love. Additionally, the poem’s vivid imagery, such as the image of the moon shining on the sea, adds to its surreal and dreamlike quality.

However, some readers may find the poem’s repetition of the refrain to be monotonous, and its reliance on supernatural elements to be cliché. Additionally, the poem’s treatment of Annabel Lee as an idealized and ethereal figure may be seen as problematic by some readers.

Despite these limitations, Annabel Lee remains a classic work of literature that is worth reading and studying. Its influence can be seen in the many adaptations and references to the poem in popular culture.

Moreover, its exploration of love, loss, and the supernatural continues to resonate with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Overall, Annabel Lee is a must-read for fans of poetry and literature.

Its masterful storytelling, evocative imagery, and themes of eternal love and loss make it a timeless classic that is sure to stay with readers long after they finish reading it. As such, it receives a rating of four out of five stars, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading poetry or wants to experience the work of a literary master.

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