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Arise by Tara Hudson Review

Title: Arise

Author: Tara Hudson

First published June 5, 2012

404 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780007437283 (ISBN10: 0007437285)

Rating: 3.93


Every time she sees him, it’s like a slow-working poison. Despite the danger, Amelia can’t stay away from Joshua.

But when evil forces threaten those closest to her, Amelia must do whatever it takes to protect them. With Joshua by her side, they venture into the eerie New Orleans cemetery to perform a powerful Voodoo ritual.

They both know that once they step inside the circle, nothing will ever be the same. Arise with Amelia and Joshua as they fight against the darkness and discover the true power of love.

About the Author

Tara Hudson hails from Oklahoma and pursued a degree in law, swayed by the scary tales of English majors struggling to make ends meet in the food industry. However, her passion for telling ghostly tales to her friends who shared her love for exploring abandoned graveyards soon took over.

Tara now resides in Oklahoma with her spouse, child, and a bunch of unruly pets.

Editoral Review

Arise, written by Tara Hudson and published in 2012, is a paranormal romance novel that explores themes of love, loss, and redemption. This book is the second installment in the Hereafter trilogy, following Hudson’s debut novel, also titled Hereafter.

Arise follows the story of Amelia, a ghost who fell in love with a flesh-and-blood boy named Joshua in the first book. In Arise, Amelia learns that there is a way to become human again, but it comes at a cost.

She must fight an evil spirit who has taken control of Joshua’s body and threatens to destroy everything she cares about. As a writer, Tara Hudson displays impressive craftsmanship in her storytelling.

The settings and emotions in this novel are gorgeously rendered with scrupulous detail. Hudson efficiently and effectively plants her readers in an immersive world designed to convey an empathetic understanding of the actions of both her leads.

The character development in Arise is one of its strongest aspects. Amelia, in particular, emerges as a compelling protagonist, as her story is woven with threads of loss, regret, and the possibility for new beginnings.

Joshua serves as an effective foil, a character charged with protecting those he loves, and one who is struggling to communicate with the ghost who haunts him at every turn. Although a paranormal romance may seem like a work of escapism, Arise offers meaningful parallels to social maladies of our current time.

Hudson guides the reader through striking character relationships and desires that pertains to the contradictions of love and passion in any contemporary era. Arise is not without flaws, however.

The pacing of the story can be slow, more so in the first half, and the villain can sometimes feel one-dimensional. However, Hudson’s handling of the romantic scenes is deservedly immersive in its ability to evoke empathy from the reader.

Overall, Arise is a well-written, well-executed continuation of its predecessor. Though its pacing issues may frustrate readers in the first half, the patient reader will be treated with Amelia and Joshua’s strong character development and a compelling story of love at its core.

Anyone who has enjoyed paranormal romance novels, or the first book in this series, will find enjoyment in Arise. In the end, I would recommend Arise to readers who enjoy paranormal romance, espousing the themes of love, loss, and redemption.

Hudson’s eloquent writing is enticing, and the relatable themes that the novel addresses in its gentle storytelling provide a poignant and timely respite for its readers. I would give this read a rating of 3.5/5, acknowledging the compelling characterizations and symbolism, while deducting for pacing issues and a lack of complexity.