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Arrow by R.J. Anderson Review

Title: Arrow

Author: R.J. Anderson

First published January 6, 2011

368 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781408312629 (ISBN10: 140831262X)

Rating: 4.09


In the world of faeries, Rhosmari has always known safety and shelter. However, as the Empress’s reign of terror expands, Rhosmari realizes that it’s time to take action.

With the threat of enslavement looming over their entire race, Rhosmari knows that she must do whatever it takes to fight back. Will she be able to find the courage and strength to stand up against the Empress and protect her people?

Only time will tell in this thrilling tale of bravery and determination.

About the Author

Meet R.J. Anderson, a prolific author of fantasy and science fiction books for children and teens. Born in Uganda and raised in Ontario, she has always been fascinated by other worlds and has spent much of her life exploring them through her writing.

Among her ten published books is the popular KNIFE, a faery romance that became a bestseller in the UK. Her latest series, Flight and Fire Trilogy, will debut with SWIFT and NOMAD in August and November of 2020 and conclude with the release of TORCH in February 2021.

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Editoral Review

Arrow by R.J. Anderson is a young adult fantasy novel that explores the themes of identity, acceptance, and betrayal. R.J. Anderson is a Canadian author who has written various fantasy novels for young adults.

Arrow was first published on January 6, 2011, and has gained a large following since then. The book takes place in an alternate world, where fairies and humans coexist.

The story follows the main character, Arrow, a young fairy who struggles to fit in with her own kind due to her unusual appearance and interests. Arrow’s world is turned upside down when her family is accused of treason, and she must navigate the politics of her kind while trying to clear her family’s name.

The setting and characters in Arrow are beautifully crafted, and the story moves at a steady pace that keeps readers engaged. Arrow is a relatable character that many readers will identify with, as she struggles with feeling different and unaccepted.

The themes of identity and acceptance are poignant in today’s society, making this book particularly relevant and relatable. The writing in Arrow is of high quality, with vivid descriptions that paint a picture of the fairy world.

The character development is also well done, with each character having a distinct personality that is explored throughout the book. The plot structure is solid, with each event leading up to the climax in a way that is satisfying for readers.

In terms of criticism, there are a few areas where the book could be improved. While the characters are well developed, some of their actions and motivations can be slightly confusing at times.

Additionally, some of the political intrigue in the book may be challenging for younger readers to understand fully. Overall, we highly recommend Arrow to young adult readers who enjoy fantasy novels with strong female characters.

The book is well written, and the themes explored are relevant and thought-provoking. R.J. Anderson has created a rich, immersive world that readers will want to return to again and again.

We give Arrow a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.