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Audition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters Review

Title: Audition: A Memoir

Author: Barbara Walters

First published May 6, 2008

613 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780307266460 (ISBN10: 030726646X)

Rating: 3.74


Barbara Walters has been a household name for decades, and now she’s telling her story in Audition: A Memoir. From her early days growing up with a risk-taking father who owned a legendary nightclub, to her close relationship with her mentally challenged sister, Barbara’s childhood was anything but ordinary.

Despite the challenges she faced, she went on to become the first female network news coanchor, the host of 20/20, and the creator and cohost of The View. Throughout her career, she’s interviewed some of the world’s most fascinating figures, and become a part of their world.

From Fidel Castro to Princess Diana, Barbara has had a front-row seat to history. In this inspiring and candid memoir, she shares the ups and downs of her life, from her difficult relationships to the successes and failures in her career.

With honesty and heart, Audition is a must-read for anyone who has ever admired Barbara Walters and her impressive career in television journalism.

About the Author

Barbara Jill Walters was a multi-talented American journalist, writer, and media personality. She was a familiar face on popular morning television shows such as Today and The View, as well as evening news magazine 20/20 and The ABC Evening News, where she made history as the first female evening news anchor.

Walters began her career as a morning news anchor on NBC’s Today, working alongside Hugh Downs, Frank McGee, and Jim Hartz for over a decade. She then went on to co-host ABC’s newsmagazine for 25 years.

Walters broke barriers as the first woman to co-anchor the network evening news, alongside Harry Reasoner.

Editoral Review

This review is for the book Audition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters, which was first published on May 6, 2008. Barbara Walters is a veteran journalist and TV personality who has made a name for herself in the field of news reporting and entertainment.

In this memoir, Walters takes readers through the highs and lows of her remarkable career, sharing intimate anecdotes about some of the most significant moments in her life. The memoir is written in a conversational style that is both candid and engaging.

Mixing personal recollections with behind-the-scenes stories and reflections on her professional life, Walters provides a rare glimpse into the world of journalism and television. The book is both a memoir of her life and an insight into the world of broadcast television.

The plot of Audition: A Memoir is a chronological account of Walters’ life, beginning with her childhood and early career as a writer and producer. From there, she moves on to her rise to fame with the Today Show in the 1960s and her eventual move to ABC News.

Along the way, she shares personal stories of her relationships with a variety of notable figures, including Richard Nixon, Frank Sinatra, and Oprah Winfrey. One of the strengths of the memoir is the depth of the character development.

Walters is able to convey the nuances of her relationships with the people she encounters, making them feel like fully realized individuals rather than mere celebrities. There is also a strong emphasis on Walters’ personal struggles, particularly around the balancing act between her personal and professional life.

In terms of writing quality, Audition: A Memoir offers a clear and concise prose style that makes for easy reading. The pacing is solid and Walters makes good use of foreshadowing and other techniques to keep the reader engaged.

Thematically, the book addresses important issues relating to gender and race that are relevant to today’s society, making it a book that is not just a window into the past but an insightful reflection on the present. However, one of the weaknesses of the book is that it is somewhat episodic in nature.

While Walters’ memoir is certainly engaging, some readers might find that the lack of an overarching narrative or tension means that the book lacks a sense of dramatic arc. Overall, Audition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters is a fascinating and insightful book that offers readers a rare perspective on the world of broadcast journalism.

With its candid and engaging writing style, the memoir is an ideal read for anyone interested in Walters’ life, as well as anyone interested in the inner workings of the television industry. Rating: 4/5 stars.

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