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Be My Baby by Susan Andersen Review

Title: Be My Baby

Author: Susan Andersen

First published January 1, 1999

384 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780380795123 (ISBN10: 0380795124)

Rating: 3.87


Sophisticated and independent, Emily Carter never thought she needed a man to protect her. So when her father hires hunky bodyguard, Jake Hanson, to follow her around during her trip to Hawaii, she’s less than thrilled.

Jake is everything Emily isn’t – big, pushy, and ruggedly handsome. But as Emily’s stalker becomes more aggressive, she finds herself relying on Jake’s presence more and more.

And as the tension between them builds, Emily realizes that sometimes losing control is exactly what she needs. But will Jake be able to handle her wild side?

About the Author

Growing up, I lived in a household full of men. My two brothers, father, and grandfather were always around, which made it hard for my mother to have a strong influence on me.

Instead, my attention was diverted to things like the danger of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If you grew up in a less “spit-and-scratch” world, let me give you a hint: check before you sit.

Chances are, the seat is going to be up, and the men in the house won’t even be embarrassed about it. According to my son, if you’re the only woman in the house, it’s your job to put the seat down.


Having brothers was a mixed experience. They were always quick to offer protection when someone messed with me, but I think it had more to do with their love of fighting than any concern for my safety.

If no one else was around, I was the target of their aggression. I spent many afternoons locked in the bathroom, threatening to tell my father when he got home.

It wasn’t the best situation, but it kept me from getting hurt.

I probably should have gone to an all-girls school or moved in with some girlfriends, but instead I married my high school sweetheart. We have a son, and even our pets have been male.

Living in a testosterone-filled house can be tough, but it also has its upsides. Just don’t tell my guys that I said that.

It’s hard enough trying to stay ahead of the game.

Editoral Review

Be My Baby by Susan Andersen is an entertaining and heartwarming romance novel that will leave readers sighing with contentment. Andersen is a prolific author of romance fiction and has written numerous bestsellers in the genre.

First published on January 1, 1999, Be My Baby centers around the love story of Claire Kowalski, a successful businesswoman, and Matt Dawson, a reformed bad boy and pro-football player. Set in contemporary America, Be My Baby is a classic romance novel that explores themes of love, family, and redemption.

The book is a well-executed blend of humor, romance, and emotional depth. The characters are well-rounded and relatable, and the plot is sufficiently complex without being convoluted.

The story takes place mostly in Houston, Texas, where Matt Dawson is working as a personal trainer at a gym. Matt is smitten with Claire from the moment they first meet, but she is hesitant to get involved with a former playboy who also happens to be younger than her.

However, circumstances force them to spend time together, and they soon discover a deep connection that neither can deny. One of the strengths of Be My Baby is that Andersen tackles real issues that contemporary couples often face, such as age differences, career rivalries, and family obligations.

Claire and Matt both have their respective demons to deal with, but their journey of healing and growth is both relatable and satisfying. Moreover, the chemistry between the two leads is palpable, and their banter and flirtations are fun and endearing.

The writing style of the book is engaging and lively, with witty dialogue and vivid descriptions of the characters and settings. Andersen does an excellent job of building tension and keeping the pace of the story steady.

The book’s themes of forgiveness and second chances give the story a meaningful depth that will resonate with readers. One minor criticism of Be My Baby is that some of the side characters feel flat and underdeveloped, which is a common issue in the romance genre.

However, this does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. In conclusion, Be My Baby is an enjoyable and heartfelt romance novel that will delight readers with its warmth, humor, and charm.

For fans of contemporary romance, this book is a must-read. It earns a solid 4 out of 5 stars for its compelling characters, engaging prose, and satisfying resolution.