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Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore Review

Title: Becoming Lady Lockwood

Author: Jennifer Moore

First published July 1, 2014

199 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781621086895 (ISBN10: 1621086895)

Rating: 4.08


When Amelia Beckett becomes a widow, she is thrilled to be free from the constraints of society and the expectations of marriage. As the heiress to her mother’s Jamaican sugar plantation, she eagerly embraces the opportunity to work in a man’s world and assumes the title of Lady Lockwood.

But her plans are derailed with the arrival of Captain Sir William Drake, who has come to prove that Amelia’s marriage to his brother was a sham. Forced to return to England with the captain, Amelia finds herself drawn to him despite their animosity towards each other.

As they journey across the ocean, they face storms and battles that challenge their resolve, and they find that their feelings are evolving in ways they never thought possible. But with the looming threat of their impossible circumstances, can Amelia and William find a future together?

About the Author

Meet Jennifer Moore, a true lover of all things romance. She finds solace in the pages of a good book and enjoys putting pen to paper to create her own stories.

Jennifer’s world is a busy one, with a husband who is constantly on the go and four sons who keep her on her toes. While her days may be filled with piles of laundry, her nights are filled with tales of passion, love, and adventure.

Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Utah, where she earned a degree in linguistics. When she’s not busy writing or reading, you can find her perfecting her skills as a Guitar Hero champion.

Jennifer and her family reside in northern Utah, where they enjoy all the beauty and adventure that the area has to offer.

Editoral Review

Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore is a refreshing and captivating historical romance set in the Regency era. The book, first published on July 1, 2014, highlights the author’s prowess in weaving the plot, characters, setting, and conflicts to convey a timeless message about love, trust, and acceptance.

Jennifer Moore is an accomplished author in the Regency romance genre, and her previous works have been well-received by fans of this category. The plot of the book revolves around Amelia Beckett, a young and fiery woman who finds herself in a predicament after her father’s sudden death.

With mounting debts and no male heir to inherit the estate, the family is at risk of eviction from their ancestral home. In a bid to save her family’s fortunes, Amelia hatches a plan to impersonate her deceased cousin and marry the wealthy Marquess of Lockwood.

The Marquess of Lockwood has his own secrets to hide, and their marriage of convenience is tumultuous from the outset. The novel is set against the backdrop of the English countryside, with vivid descriptions of the estate, the surrounding village, and the luxurious lifestyle of the aristocracy.

Becoming Lady Lockwood is a historical romance that will appeal to fans of this genre. Readers looking for a well-plotted and beautifully narrated story will find this book a satisfying read.

The author’s attention to detail, both in the setting and characters, is commendable. Jennifer Moore depicts Amelia as a strong and determined protagonist, a rare trait in a female protagonist in this era, and the Marquess of Lockwood as an enigmatic, misunderstood man who also possesses a compassionate and caring heart.

The novel touches on social issues such as class, gender roles, and societal expectations, with an emphasis on how these themes relate to the characters’ experiences. The historical significance of the book is noteworthy, providing a glimpse into the Regency era’s lifestyle, customs, and traditions.

The book provides an entertaining read for those looking for escapism from the modern world’s troubles. The book’s strength lies in the author’s ability to balance the romance and the plot’s momentum, creating a well-paced and intriguing story.

However, the book’s limitation is a lack of depth and complexity in some of the supporting characters, which hinders character development. Some of the plot twists are also predictable, potentially disappointing readers looking for unpredictability.

Overall, Jennifer Moore’s Becoming Lady Lockwood is a must-read for fans of historical romance. The book has its flaws; however, it offers an enjoyable and well-plotted story that delivers on its promises.

The author’s ability to transport readers to a different era, taking them on a journey through love, sacrifice, and redemption, is remarkable. Therefore, the book receives a rating of 3.5 out of 5, worthy of a spot on readers’ shelves seeking a lighthearted and romantic read.