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Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris Review

Title: Behind Closed Doors

Author: B.A. Paris

First published August 9, 2016

293 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781250121004 (ISBN10: 1250121000)

Rating: 3.98


The marriage between Anna and Tom looks picture-perfect from the outside. He’s a successful businessman, and she’s a loving wife who takes care of their beautiful home.

They seem to have everything together, but something just doesn’t feel right. Anna never leaves the house without Tom, and she looks scared every time he’s around.

What secrets do they hold behind closed doors? Why is there a lock on the outside of their bedroom door?

Why is Tom so controlling? As you delve deeper into their story, you’ll realize that the perfect marriage may be hiding the perfect lie.

Behind Closed Doors is a suspenseful and chilling novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

About the Author

Meet B A Paris, the author behind the best-selling books: Behind Closed Doors, The Breakdown, Bring Me Back, and The Dilemma. Her books have sold over a million copies in the UK and have been translated into 40 languages.

She’s not just a Sunday Times bestseller, but also a New York Times bestseller!

B A Paris lived in France for many years but has recently moved back to the UK with her husband. Her fifth novel is set to be released in 2021.

Keep an eye out for it!

Editoral Review

In Behind Closed Doors, author B.A. Paris presents readers with a chilling and suspenseful psychological thriller that grips the reader from beginning to end. Published in August 2016, this novel delves into the disturbing world of domestic abuse and its long-lasting effects on the victim.

At the start of the book, we meet Grace, a successful and seemingly happy woman who has just married Jack, a charming and wealthy lawyer. As the reader gradually discovers, their marriage is anything but a fairy tale, and Jack is not the man he appears to be.

The novel alternates between the present day and the past, revealing the true horrors of Grace’s marriage and the steps she must take to escape. Paris’s writing style is taut, evocative, and utterly immersive.

She deftly creates a sense of claustrophobia and dread that steadily intensifies throughout the book, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. The book’s pacing is excellent, with Paris carefully controlling the tempo of the plot and building tension with every passing chapter.

The characters in Behind Closed Doors are well-drawn and realistic, particularly Grace, who is a strong and determined protagonist. Jack, the villain of the story, is equally well-developed, presenting a disturbing portrait of a psychopath who disguises his true nature with charisma and charm.

Although Behind Closed Doors is ostensibly a work of fiction, its themes of domestic violence and control have important real-world implications. Paris’s novel is a timely reminder of the ongoing problem of abuse in relationships and its lasting impact on victims.

Overall, Behind Closed Doors is a masterful work of psychological suspense that will keep readers riveted until the very end. The book’s captivating characterizations, excellent pacing, and compelling storyline make it a standout in its genre.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well-crafted thrillers with a strong emotional resonance. Rating: 4.5/5