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Blood Oath by Raye Wagner Review

Title: Blood Oath

Author: Raye Wagner

First published November 9, 2017

322 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.06


Fantasy, dragons, and danger. I have always yearned for something more than the mundane life that surrounds me in the land of Galacia.

But in a kingdom where the ruling Queen and her dragon shifter consort, Lord Kael, hold all the power, adventure is a forbidden luxury. Their rule is oppressive, and their grip on the kingdom is tightening.

But a rebellion is brewing, and the tides of change are coming. When the rebellion catches the Queen’s attention, she strikes back with a fury, and I find myself caught in the middle of a deadly game.

Lord Kael captures me, and I’m forced to navigate a treacherous path, where one misstep could mean my death. But my desire for freedom is not the only thing driving me.

I’m also fighting for a love that could be the key to saving not only myself, but the entire kingdom from the Queen’s malevolent rule.

About the Author

Meet Raye Wagner, the talented author of bestselling young adult fantasy books. Writing bios isn’t her favorite thing to do, but she loves spinning a good tale with dragons, magic, and all sorts of fantastical elements.

Her guilty pleasure is indulging in sweets, especially bakery treats. When she’s not writing, she can be found shenanigating (yes, that’s a word now), spending time with her family, or enjoying the beach.

Raye loves connecting with her readers, so feel free to chat with her on Facebook (Raye Wagner), Twitter (@rayewagner), Instagram (rayewagnerauthor), or her website: rayewagner.com.

Editoral Review

Blood Oath, written by Raye Wagner and first published on November 9, 2017, is a thrilling and haunting novel that is sure to keep readers engaged from beginning to end. Wagner is a highly skilled author who is known for her captivating writing style and ability to immerse readers in fantastical worlds.

This book is no exception, as it explores themes of loyalty, family, and sacrifice, punctuated by intense action scenes and deep character development. The plot of Blood Oath follows the story of a young woman named Ashatiris, who is tasked with taking on a dangerous mission to save her kidnapped father.

Along the way, she discovers shocking secrets about her past and must navigate a treacherous world filled with magic and intrigue. The setting of the novel is a unique blend of fantasy and romance, with elements of ancient mythology woven throughout.

The conflicts that arise are both internal and external, and Wagner does an excellent job of balancing them to create a cohesive and engaging narrative. One of the strengths of Blood Oath is the quality of its writing.

Wagner has a gift for crafting vivid and compelling prose that draws readers in and keeps them invested in the story. Her characters are well-defined and evoke a range of emotions, from sympathy to fear to admiration.

The pacing of the novel is also commendable, as it moves at a brisk clip without ever feeling rushed or confusing. Another aspect of Blood Oath that stands out is its themes.

Wagner tackles weighty issues like loyalty and sacrifice, and her characters’ struggles with these concepts feel authentic and poignant. The novel also has historical and cultural significance, as the mythology and folklore it draws upon are rooted in real-world traditions.

This adds depth and richness to the narrative, and makes the story feel more grounded in reality. Despite these strengths, there are a few flaws in Blood Oath that are worth noting.

The plot is occasionally predictable, and some of the twists and turns are telegraphed too early on. Additionally, the novel’s world-building could have been more extensive, as readers may find themselves wanting to know more about the various kingdoms and magical systems at play.

Overall, Blood Oath is a highly enjoyable and well-crafted novel that is sure to please