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Carter Reed by Tijan Review

Title: Carter Reed

Author: Tijan

First published September 28, 2013

351 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4


A split-second decision alters Emma’s life forever. After discovering her roommate’s assault by her boyfriend, Emma is left with a harrowing choice: call the police and risk being hunted down by the mafia, or take matters into her own hands.

Emma chooses the latter, taking out her roommate’s attacker before seeking refuge with the only person she can trust: Carter Reed. Carter is a deadly weapon for a rival mafia family, but he’s also Emma’s confidante.

As the best friend of Emma’s brother, he has a deep bond with her, and their history is complicated. Emma knows that she’s the reason Carter became a weapon in the first place.

Now, as their lives intertwine, they must navigate the dangerous world of organized crime and the secrets that they both harbor.

Editoral Review

“Carter Reed” by Tijan is a riveting romantic suspense novel that will keep readers on edge until the very end. Tijan has established herself as a masterful author, with a keen eye for detail and a talent for crafting compelling stories that leave a lasting impact on readers.

The novel follows Emma, a young woman who finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of power, money, and desire. Emma’s world is turned upside down when she learns that her father, a notorious drug lord, has been killed by the very man she’s been secretly in love with for years: Carter Reed.

As Emma navigates the dangerous world of organized crime, she must decide whether to follow her heart and trust Carter or turn him over to the authorities. Along the way, readers are introduced to a cast of characters that are richly drawn and layered with complexity, making “Carter Reed” a truly unforgettable read.

Tijan’s writing style is crisp and clear, with a deft ability to weave together suspenseful plot twists, steamy romance, and heart-pounding action. The pacing is tight and fast-moving, keeping readers engaged throughout the story.

One of the novel’s strengths is the depth of character development, with Tijan providing readers with a nuanced understanding of each character’s motivations and desires. Emma and Carter’s relationship is complex and fraught with tension, making their interactions all the more compelling.

The novel’s setting is also well-rendered, with detailed descriptions of the criminal underworld bringing the story to life. The themes of power, loyalty, and trust are explored with care, resonating long after the final page is turned.

While “Carter Reed” is not without its flaws – some readers may find the plot to be overly predictable – Tijan’s masterful storytelling more than makes up for any shortcomings. Fans of romantic suspense and crime fiction will find much to love in this gripping novel.

Overall, I highly recommend “Carter Reed” to anyone looking for a thrilling, well-written page-turner. Tijan has once again delivered a novel that is both satisfying and thought-provoking, making her a must-read author for fans of the genre.

I give “Carter Reed” a solid four out of five stars, a rating that reflects the book’s strengths and weaknesses without oversimplifying its impact.