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Caught by Margaret Peterson Haddix Review

Title: Caught

Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

First published September 1, 2012

352 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781416989820 (ISBN10: 141698982X)

Rating: 4.22


In the fifth installment of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s bestselling The Missing series, Jonah and Katherine are once again tasked with fixing history. This time, they must travel back to ancient Egypt to ensure that a young Cleopatra meets her destiny.

However, things quickly take a dangerous turn when they discover that someone else has already intervened in the timeline. With their mission on the line, Jonah and Katherine must navigate the treacherous waters of the past to set things right before it’s too late.

About the Author

Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm in Washington Court House, Ohio, and attended Miami University (Ohio) where she obtained degrees in English/journalism, English/creative writing, and history. Prior to publishing her first book, she worked in various roles including as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis, and as an instructor and freelance writer in Danville, Illinois.

Haddix has authored over 25 books for kids and teens such as ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; the series; and the series. She is also the writer of , the tenth book in the series.

Her books have received numerous accolades such as bestseller status, the International Reading Association’s Children’s Book Award, American Library Association Best Book, Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers awards, and more than a dozen state reader’s choice awards.

Currently, Haddix resides in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Doug, and their two children.

Editoral Review

Margaret Peterson Haddix’s 2012 novel, “Caught,” is a thrilling addition to the young adult genre. Known for her dystopian and science fiction novels, Haddix weaves a tale of suspense that targets not only teens but readers of all ages.

Set in a small Ohio town, “Caught” follows the journey of the Donovan family, whose patriarch Dan is arrested for a crime he did not commit, triggering a series of events that uncover a complicated web of secrets and lies. Haddix’s writing style is engaging and captivating, allowing readers to immerse themselves fully into the story.

Her descriptions are vivid and detailed, making the reader feel as if they are living in the same small town as the Donovans. The novel extensively explores themes of truth, loyalty, and family values, and Haddix skillfully creates an emotional connection between the reader and her characters.

The plot is well-constructed, with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked until the very end. Haddix builds the tension masterfully, and the pace of the story never falters.

Additionally, the author’s historical research adds depth to the novel, highlighting aspects of American history such as the McCarthy era and the impact it had on families and communities. While “Caught” is an impressive novel overall, there are a few flaws that are worth mentioning.

The novel’s ending feels abrupt and leaves some plot threads unresolved, which may frustrate some readers. Additionally, some may find the portrayal of certain characters to be stereotypical and lacking in nuance.

Despite these limitations, “Caught” is a highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted tale of mystery, family dynamics, and the truth. It is a poignant portrayal of the complexity of human relationships, and the lengths that people will go to protect those they love.

Overall, “Caught” is a quality addition to Margaret Peterson Haddix’s impressive bibliography. Whether you are a young adult reader looking for a thrilling adventure, or an adult reader seeking to rediscover the joy of a good story, “Caught” is definitely worth picking up.

It is a timely reminder that the truth will ultimately prevail, whatever the cost.

4 out of 5 Stars.