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Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2 by Robin Jones Gunn Review

Title: Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2

Author: Robin Jones Gunn

First published March 1, 2006

495 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781590525852 (ISBN10: 159052585X)

Rating: 4.52


The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2 by Robin Jones Gunn is filled with more action, drama, and romance than ever before.

In this volume, Christy is determined to make the cheerleading squad, but the competition is fierce, and some of the girls are downright mean. Meanwhile, prom is right around the corner, and Christy is hoping her parents will make an exception to their “no dating until sixteen” rule so she can go with Todd.

But things don’t always go according to plan, and Christy finds herself facing unexpected surprises. Will she be able to respond with grace and maybe even spring a surprise of her own?

Follow Christy as she navigates the ups and downs of high school and discovers what it truly means to be a “peculiar treasure” in God’s eyes.

About the Author

Meet Robin Jones Gunn, a beloved author who has captured the hearts of readers worldwide with over 100 published books. Her enchanting Father Christmas stories have even been adapted into three Hallmark movies.

Fans continue to follow the beloved Christy Miller series, now extended to include Christy & Todd: The Married Years and The Baby Years. Robin’s writing has garnered numerous awards and has been the subject of many book clubs and study groups.

Currently, she resides with her husband in Hawaii, where they have raised two children who are now grown.

Editoral Review

The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2 is a young adult fiction book written by Robin Jones Gunn.

The author is known for her Christian-themed novels for teens and young adults, and this collection is no different. The book was first published on March 1, 2006, and it is the second volume of the Christy Miller series.

The story follows the life of a high school girl named Christy Miller and her friends. The collection includes three novels, including Surprise Endings, Island Dreamer, and A Heart Full of Hope.

The novels explore the themes of friendship, love, faith, and growing up. The characters in the book are relatable, and their struggles and joys will resonate with readers who are going through the same experiences.

Christy, the main character, is a well-rounded and developed character who faces challenges in her relationships and personal life. The setting of the story is mainly in California, but there are also scenes that take place in Hawaii, which adds a unique and refreshing touch to the story.

The author uses a simple and straightforward style of writing, which makes the book an easy read. However, the quality of writing could have been improved by adding more depth to the characters and their motivations.

The pacing of the story is consistent, and the plot structure is well-crafted, with each novel building on the events of the previous one. The Christy Miller Collection, Vol.

2 is a significant work in Christian fiction for young adults, and it has helped shape the genre. The book addresses the themes of faith and self-discovery, which are still relevant in today’s world.

The author has also done an excellent job of weaving Christian teachings into the story without being preachy. The book is recommended for young adults who are looking for a light and heartwarming read.

While the book may not appeal to those who prefer grittier or more complex narratives, it will certainly resonate with readers who enjoy wholesome and uplifting stories. Overall, the Christy Miller Collection, Vol.

2 gets a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. While it has its shortcomings, it is still a worthwhile read for those interested in the genre.

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