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Claim Me by J. Kenner Review

Title: Claim Me

Author: J. Kenner

First published April 23, 2013

371 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780345545831 (ISBN10: 0345545834)

Rating: 4.2


In J. Kenner’s steamy novel, Claim Me, passion and obsession collide between two lovers.

For Nikki, Damien Stark’s allure is irresistible. She wants to be the one to satisfy his deepest desires and take control of their passion.

But Damien’s inner demons threaten to shatter their intense connection. As they explore the boundaries of pleasure, they must confront their troubled pasts and decide if they are willing to risk everything for each other.

Claim Me is an erotic romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more. This book is intended for mature audiences.

About the Author

Julie Kenner, known by her pen name J. Kenner, is a bestselling author who has written over 100 novels, novellas, and short stories in various genres.

While her erotic romances such as the Stark and Most Wanted series are her most well-known works, Kenner has been writing for more than ten years and has dabbled in genres ranging from paranormal and contemporary romance to suspense and urban fantasy.

Critics have praised her for her unique characterizations and engaging dialogue, and she has been a finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA award six times. In fact, she won the first-ever RITA for erotic romance in 2014 for her book Claim Me, and again in 2017 for Wicked Dirty.

Her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, published under her name Julie Kenner, is currently being developed into a television show.

Kenner’s books have been translated into over twenty languages and have sold more than three million copies. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as an attorney, specializing in civil, entertainment, and First Amendment litigation.

She has also been a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. She lives in Central Texas with her husband, two daughters, and two energetic cats.

Editoral Review

Claim Me by J. Kenner is a compelling novel that has garnered the attention and adoration of many romance novel enthusiasts since its publication on April 23, 2013.

J. Kenner is a renowned author, who specializes in the romantic and erotic genres, and this book is another fantastic addition to her impressive bibliography.

Fans of romance novels are in for a treat with Claim Me. The novel follows the story of Nikki Fairchild and Damien Stark, two individuals whose paths cross as a result of their desperate need for control. The novel is set in California and delves into the intense and steamy relationships between its characters.

Although the plot revolves around the romantic and erotic relationships between the characters, J. Kenner does an excellent job of exploring the psyche of the characters and the reasons behind their need for control.

Kenner also addresses the issue of mental health, which is an everyday problem that many people face, and how it affects relationships. One of the strengths of the novel is the writing style.

J. Kenner’s writing is concise and precise, making for easy and enjoyable reading.

The narrative is fast-paced and propels the reader forwards, keeping them engaged and invested in the story. Additionally, the book is well-structured, with appropriate pacing, keeping the reader captivated while also allowing for suitable reflection and emotional connection with the characters.

Although Claim Me is not a literary masterpiece, it is an entertaining and thrilling read that is sure to satisfy the romance novel enthusiast. The book is not without its flaws, such as its reliance on cliches and some predictable plot twists.

Despite these drawbacks, the novel remains a likable read, and its strengths outweigh the limitations. In conclusion, Claim Me by J.

Kenner is an excellent romance novel that explores the complexities of relationships and the need for control. Its fast-paced, well-structured narrative makes it an enjoyable and captivating read.

Romance novel enthusiasts will appreciate its steamy scenes and emotional depth. We recommend it to anyone in search of a thrilling romantic read.

Rating: 4/5

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