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Clear as the Moon by Chris Stewart Review

Title: Clear as the Moon

Author: Chris Stewart

First published January 1, 2008

360 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781590389942 (ISBN10: 1590389948)

Rating: 4.3


Amidst the chaos of a world on the brink of destruction, a group of brave individuals must come together to fight for what they believe in. In Clear as the Moon by Chris Stewart, the United States is reeling from a nuclear detonation and an EMP attack that has left the country vulnerable.

Unscrupulous leaders have taken over and are on the verge of achieving their ultimate goal – ruling the world. But there is still hope.

Sara and Sam Brighton, along with their friends, are determined to reinstate Brucius Marino as President and bring King Abdullah to justice. The fate of the world rests on their shoulders, and every decision they make could mean the difference between life and death.

Action-packed and thrilling, Clear as the Moon is the epic conclusion to The Great and Terrible series that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

About the Author

Meet Chris Stewart, an accomplished author and record-breaking Air Force pilot. His thrilling military novels have been selected by the Book of the Month Club and published in six countries.

He is the mastermind behind The Great and Terrible book series, as well as the heartwarming A Christmas Bell for Anya, which was even performed alongside the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during their 2005 Christmas concert. Chris has also shared his expertise as a guest editorialist for the Detroit News, where he commented on military readiness and national security.

On top of all that, he’s the president of The Shipley Group, a renowned consulting and training company, and the visionary founder of the Utah Renaissance and Leadership Center.

Editoral Review

Clear as the Moon by Chris Stewart is an enlightening addition to the genre of historical fiction. Stewart, a former Air Force pilot turned author, has woven together a captivating tale set amidst the beautiful and mystical landscapes of Afghanistan.

The book tells the story of a boy named Abdul who grows up in the 1960s in a small village in Afghanistan. Despite the challenges of his environment, he is an intelligent and curious child with a passion for learning.

As the story progresses, we see Abdul grow up into a man and become a key player in the tumultuous events that shaped the country in the late 20th century. The novel’s setting is rich with cultural and historical significance.

Through Stewart’s vivid descriptions of the villages, mountains, and cities of Afghanistan, we get a glimpse of a world that is both beautiful and troubled. The author skillfully depicts the customs, traditions, and religious practices of the Afghani people while also highlighting the political turmoil that has plagued the country for decades.

One of the strengths of this novel lies in the depth of its characters. Abdul is a compelling protagonist, filled with a sense of purpose and determination.

His relationships with the people around him are realistically portrayed and help to drive the plot forward. Additionally, the supporting cast of characters, including Abdul’s family, friends, and enemies, are all well-developed and add richness and complexity to the story.

The pacing of the book is well-balanced, with moments of action and suspense interspersed with reflection and introspection. The writing style is engaging and descriptive, but may occasionally feel overly verbose.

Stewart’s exploration of the themes of identity, power, and morality is thought-provoking and timely. Through the struggles of his characters, the author poses challenging questions about the role of religion, gender, and tradition in modern society.

However, the book is not without its flaws. At times, the plot feels predictable, and some of the twists may be anticipated by an astute reader.

Additionally, the pacing may feel sluggish to some readers, particularly in the middle chapters of the novel. Despite these limitations, Clear as the Moon is a worthy addition to the shelves of any fan of historical fiction or anyone interested in the rich culture and history of Afghanistan.

Its themes and characters will resonate with a wide audience, and the skillful and evocative writing will transport readers to a world that is both foreign and familiar. Overall, I would highly recommend Clear as the Moon to anyone looking for a well-written, engaging, and thought-provoking read.

On a scale of 1-5, I would give this book a score of 4.5, based on its strong character development, rich historical and cultural setting, and timely exploration of relevant themes.

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