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Crime Lord’s Captive by Mia Knight Review

Title: Crime Lord’s Captive

Author: Mia Knight

First published October 19, 2016

296 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.89


“Submit to me, Lyla, and I’ll spare your loved ones.” Lyla Dalton thought she had escaped the clutches of the notorious crime lord, Gavin Pyre. But after years in hiding, her past has finally caught up with her.

Gavin has found her and he’s not letting go. With no choice but to confront her demons, Lyla is thrust back into a world of danger and seduction.

Gavin will stop at nothing to possess the woman he believes belongs to him. Will Lyla succumb to his desires or fight for her freedom once and for all?

Mia Knight’s Crime Lord’s Captive is a steamy romance thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

About the Author

Meet Mia Knight, the talented author of the riveting Crime Lord and Singed Series. Her writing style delves deep into the darker side of contemporary romance, exploring themes that challenge your beliefs and leave you feeling emotionally drained.

If you find yourself drawn to men with questionable morals and a possessive edge, then Mia’s stories are sure to captivate you.

When she’s not crafting her latest masterpiece, you can find Mia on the open road in her trusty RV. She’s a coffee addict who enjoys daydreaming and taking spontaneous road trips to nowhere, all while listening to the soothing sound of rainstorms.

Mia’s loyal furry companions are always by her side, offering unconditional love and support as she navigates the voices in her head. While she’s known to be a bit of a recluse, Mia always appreciates her devoted readers and asks for your patience if she’s slow to respond.

For more updates on Mia’s work, be sure to follow her on Bookbub.

Editoral Review

Crime Lord’s Captive by Mia Knight is a 2016 novel that delves into the dark and suspenseful world of romance and crime. Mia Knight is an accomplished author, having delivered a series of books that have been widely praised for their exciting plots and memorable characters.

Her work in Crime Lord’s Captive is no different, as she delivers a creative and intricately woven tale of love and danger. The story revolves around a young woman named Amelia, who inadvertently gets caught up in the dangerous world of organized crime.

She becomes the captive of a notorious crime lord named Dominic, and finds herself struggling to survive while being held against her will. The plot is set against the backdrop of the criminal underworld, where violence and danger lurk around every corner.

The story is tightly written and keeps the reader on edge from start to finish. Knight’s writing style is fluid and imaginative, with a knack for creating vivid descriptions and settings.

Her characters are all well-drawn and multi-dimensional, with backstory and motivations that make them come alive on the page. Amelia is a strong and sympathetic heroine, and Dominic is a complex and intriguing anti-hero who is both dangerous and captivating.

Together, they form a dynamic and intense relationship that is the driving force of the story. Despite its intense violence and bleak themes, Crime Lord’s Captive is ultimately a tale of redemption and survival.

The novel is richly layered, with themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption woven throughout. Knight’s writing is evocative and powerful, drawing the reader into this dark world with skill and panache.

One potential criticism of the novel might be that some readers may find the violence and sexual content to be excessive or disturbing. However, these elements are essential to the story and the characters, and are not gratuitous or exploitative.

Overall, Crime Lord’s Captive is a thrilling and engaging read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. In conclusion, Mia Knight’s Crime Lord’s Captive is a gripping and powerful novel that is sure to appeal to fans of the suspense and romance genres.

With its vivid characters, immersive setting, and compelling plot, it is a must-read for anyone looking for an exciting and thought-provoking story. We highly recommend it to all readers who are looking for a thrilling and engaging book.

Washington Post gives it 4 out of 5 stars.