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Dagger’s Hope by S.E. Smith Review

Title: Dagger’s Hope

Author: S.E. Smith

First published March 30, 2015

198 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.14


Landon is a fierce and respected warrior of the Drakon race, feared by many for his ruthless tactics in battle. But when he meets the beautiful and headstrong human, Emily, he feels a stirring within him that he can’t explain.

Her fiery spirit and determination to survive in a world that is not her own captivates his heart. But their happiness is short-lived when Landon is captured and taken to a secret facility where he is experimented on and tortured beyond recognition.

Emily is devastated and refuses to give up on the man she loves. With the help of a few unlikely allies, she embarks on a dangerous journey to save Landon and bring him back to her.

But as they face unimaginable obstacles and enemies at every turn, Emily realizes that her love for Landon may not be enough to heal his broken spirit. Can she save him from the brink of darkness and restore his faith in the world?

Find out in the heart-pounding adventure of Dagger’s Hope.

About the Author

S.E. Smith is a talented author whose works span various genres, including science fiction, romance, fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary. Her books cater to readers of all ages, from children to young adults and adults.

Her writing style is versatile, and she has a gift for creating immersive worlds that transport readers to another realm.

For those interested in learning more about S.E. Smith and her works, be sure to visit her website. Additionally, you can connect with her on Facebook to enjoy a chat about her latest projects.

Editoral Review

Dagger’s Hope by S.E. Smith is a thrilling addition to the science fiction and romance genres. First published on March 30, 2015, the novel follows the story of an alien commander who falls in love with a human woman, while also confronting political intrigue and danger in his own world.

The author S.E. Smith is an accomplished science fiction and romance writer, and Dagger’s Hope showcases her skills in storytelling and character development. The novel is set in a futuristic world, where aliens and humans coexist, but not always with ease.

The themes of love, loyalty, and redemption are woven into the plot, adding depth and substance to the story. The main conflict revolves around Dagger, a commander of the Krystali army, who must deal with a rebel faction seeking to overthrow him and plunge the planet into chaos.

Meanwhile, he meets and falls in love with Jordan, a human shuttle pilot who becomes embroiled in the political machinations of his word. Their romance is complicated by their different backgrounds and the dangerous situation they find themselves in, but their love proves to be the key to their survival.

One of the strengths of Dagger’s Hope is the vivid and creative descriptions of the alien world and its inhabitants. Smith creates a fully realized and immersive setting, with its own culture, customs, and technology.

The characters are also well-drawn, with distinct personalities and motivations that drive the story forward. However, some readers may find the pacing of the novel to be slow at times, particularly in the middle section where the political maneuvering takes center stage.

Additionally, the ending may feel rushed to some readers, as several plot threads are tied up quickly. Despite these limitations, Dagger’s Hope is a satisfying read for fans of science fiction romance.

The novel explores complex issues of identity, power, and prejudice, while also delivering a compelling love story. Smith’s writing is both accessible and engaging, making the novel an ideal introduction to the genre for newcomers.

Overall, Dagger’s Hope receives a score of 4 out of 5 stars. The novel’s strengths in world-building and character development outweigh its occasional weaknesses in pacing and ending.

We would recommend this book to readers who enjoy sci-fi romance, or who are looking for a thought-provoking read with a dash of adventure.

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