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Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur Review

Title: Dangerous Games

Author: Keri Arthur

First published March 27, 2007

356 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780553589597 (ISBN10: 0553589598)

Rating: 4.16


The power of magic was irresistible to Princess Annice, and she had the rare talent to Sing spirits from all four quarters. She had to spend years studying at the Bardic Hall to master the Art, but even that was not enough to protect her from the King’s Guards.

Annice was twice guilty of treason, and now she was on the run with the father of her unborn child, the Duc of Ohrid. Their only hope was to bring the enemy, who had tied lies and truths together to orchestrate the Duc’s downfall, to justice.

But unraveling the enemy’s knot would take more than even the most powerful of Bardic spells.

About the Author

Did you know that Keri Arthur, the author of the popular Riley Jenson, Guardian series, has written over 25 books? Her incredible work has earned her numerous nominations in the Best Contemporary Paranormal category of the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards.

She even won the RT’s Career Achievement Award for urban fantasy! When she’s not writing, Keri calls Melbourne home where she lives with her daughter and two adorable but crazy dogs.

Editoral Review

Keri Arthur’s Dangerous Games is a thrilling addition to the urban fantasy genre, filled with action and suspense that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Arthur is a well-known author in the genre and has written several popular urban fantasy series, such as the Riley Jenson Guardian series and the Dark Angels series.

Dangerous Games was first published on March 27, 2007, and was received positively by readers and critics alike. The book takes place in Melbourne, Australia, and follows the story of guardian Riley Jenson, who is half-vampire and half-werewolf.

Riley is tasked with investigating a series of brutal murders that seem to be connected to a dangerous supernatural fight club. As she delves deeper into the investigation, Riley discovers a conspiracy that threatens the safety of all supernatural beings.

Arthur’s writing style is fast-paced and action-packed, making it a page-turner that keeps readers engaged. She creates a vividly portrayed world of supernatural creatures and sets the action against the backdrop of Melbourne’s seedy underbelly.

One of the strengths of Dangerous Games is the character development of Riley Jenson. Arthur brings to life a strong, independent and complex female protagonist, who is not afraid to take risks to defend her people.

The plot of Dangerous Games is well-structured and full of surprising twists and turns. Arthur seamlessly weaves together themes of loyalty, betrayal, and love into the story.

The portrayal of the supernatural fight club is particularly interesting, shedding light on the dark side of human nature when it comes to violence and control. One of the limitations of the book is the lack of development of some of the secondary characters, who can seem somewhat one-dimensional.

Additionally, the overly sexualized scenes might not appeal to all readers. However, these limitations do not detract from the overall excitement and entertainment value of the book.

Overall, Dangerous Games is a must-read for fans of urban fantasy. Arthur delivers a thrilling read, filled with memorable characters and creative world-building.

The book is a testament to the author’s impressive storytelling abilities, and it is clear why she has become a popular name in the genre. For those looking for a fun and fast-paced read, Dangerous Games is the perfect choice.

Rating: 4/5