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Dare by Allie Juliette Mousseau Review

Title: Dare

Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau

First published January 11, 2015

258 pages, Paperback

Rating: 4.1


In the first installment of the Brothers of Ink and Steel series, meet the unstoppable force that is Josh North. The UFC’s Light Heavyweight Champion has faced and defeated some of the toughest opponents in the octagon, but his biggest challenge yet comes in the form of Sophie Garner.

A single mother on the run from her abusive husband, Sophie has been fighting tooth and nail to keep her daughter safe.

When Josh offers Sophie a job as the exclusive massage therapist for his team, she knows she can’t pass up the opportunity — even if it means putting her life on the line. The bet he proposes only adds to the risk, but Sophie is determined to see it through.

As Josh tries to break down Sophie’s walls, he realizes he may have to confront his own demons first. The darkness of his past threatens to consume him, but he’s willing to fight tooth and nail to keep Sophie safe.

Get ready for a wild ride as these two clash in a battle of wills, their hearts on the line.

Editoral Review

Allie Juliette Mousseaus novel Dare is a spicy and thrilling romantic drama that is bound to leave readers in awe. The book that was first published on January 11, 2015, is Mousseaus debut novel, and it showcases her excellent writing skills in a way that stands out in the romance genre.

Dare is set in the town of Keeneston, where heroine Marcy Davies is working at her familys bakery after having her dreams of becoming a professional dancer crushed. Things take a turn when she meets the town’s bad boy and her childhood crush, Tate Hardy.

Despite her reservations, a blossoming romance develops between the two, and as their passion intensifies, they get caught up in complicated situations that put their love to the test. Mousseaus writing style is captivating and addictive, which makes for a smooth and enjoyable reading experience.

The characters in Dare are well-rounded, fleshed out, and relatable, and readers will undoubtedly find themselves rooting for Marcy and Tates love story. The beautiful small-town setting adds to the charm of the story, and the characters’ dynamics are both witty and compelling.

The steamy romance scenes in Dare are well executed, and the tension between Marcy and Tate reach impressive heights that are sure to leave readers hearts racing. The author does an excellent job combining humor, heart-wrenching moments, and suspense that keep readers engaged throughout the book.

The book may not have much historical or cultural significance, but it touches on themes such as second chances, heartbreak, forgiveness, and redemption, which are relevant in todays society. The message of the importance of following ones dreams and standing up for oneself is pervasive throughout the book and will undoubtedly inspire readers.

Overall, Dare is a wonderfully written book that is both fun and romantic, and its story is bound to appeal to romance enthusiasts. One of its major strengths is its characters, which adds depth and heart to the story.

Mousseaus writing is impeccable, and the pacing of the book ensures that readers remain thoroughly invested till the end. While some may argue that the storyline is somewhat predictable, Mousseaus masterful execution of the elements of the story makes the book stand out nonetheless.

If Mousseau applies her writing skills to future books, she may become one of the most recognizable names in the genre of romantic fiction. I recommend this book to young adult readers looking for a mature romance novel or anyone looking for a steamy, thrilling read.

Dare is a delightful book that is sure to leave readers satisfied, and I rate it a 4.5 out of 5 based on its ability to engross readers, develop characters, and maintain the perfect balance between romance and suspense.