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Dark Protector by Celia Aaron Review

Title: Dark Protector

Author: Celia Aaron

First published February 27, 2017

275 pages, ebook

Rating: 3.91


As soon as I saw him sitting at the bar, danger radiated from him like heat from the sun. I knew I should stay away from a man like him, a killer with no remorse.

But I couldn’t resist the pull I felt towards him. He was like a magnet, and I was drawn in by his darkness.

As we got closer, the threats grew stronger, and danger seemed to follow us wherever we went. But he was my protector, and I felt safe in his arms.

I never imagined that loving him would be easy, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be either. Our love came with a price, and it was steep.

We would have to fight for it, tooth and nail. But with him by my side, I knew I could take on anything that came our way.

This is a full-length romance novel, filled with explicit violence and steamy sex scenes. HEA, no cheating.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m happy to introduce you to the wonderful Celia Aaron. She used to work as an attorney, but now she’s devoted to writing romance and erotic fiction.

She covers a wide range of themes from dark to light, angsty to funny, and real to fantasy. If it’s hot and catches her attention, she’s sure to write about it!

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Editoral Review

Dark Protector, written by Celia Aaron, is a romance novel that tells the story of a woman named Camille who seeks revenge against the man who killed her father. This book was first published on February 27, 2017, and is part of the romantic suspense genre.

The plot of Dark Protector takes place in a small Southern town and centers around Camille, the protagonist, and her love interest, Jake. Camille is seeking vengeance against a man named Jasper who killed her father, and she believes that Jake, a former soldier, can help her.

Jake is the owner of a security company and agrees to help Camille, but it becomes clear that he has his own motivations for doing so. The themes of Dark Protector include revenge, trust, and redemption.

Camille and Jake navigate their complicated relationship while seeking to bring Jasper to justice. Along the way, they must learn to trust each other and confront their own inner demons.

Aaron’s writing is engaging, and she does an excellent job of developing the characters and their relationships. The pacing of the plot is also well done, and the story is full of tension and suspense.

One of the strengths of this book is its attention to detail. Aaron’s descriptions of the Southern town and its inhabitants are vivid and authentic, and the historical and cultural significance of the setting is incorporated seamlessly into the story.

The book also explores issues of class and race, providing a nuanced portrayal of life in the American South. However, the book also has some flaws.

The dialogue can be stilted at times, and some of the plot twists are predictable. Additionally, while the characters are well-developed, the book lacks the depth and complexity of some of Aaron’s other works.

Overall, Dark Protector is a well-crafted romance novel with strong character development, engaging writing, and a skillful blend of suspense and romance. It will appeal to fans of the romantic suspense genre and those interested in issues of revenge, trust, and redemption.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommended for: Fans of romantic suspense and those interested in issues of revenge, trust, and redemption.