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De Amor e de Sombra by Isabel Allende Review

Title: De Amor e de Sombra

Author: Isabel Allende

First published February 1, 1982

241 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9789722900713 (ISBN10: 9722900714)

Rating: 3.98


In De Amor e de Sombra by Isabel Allende, the story begins with a chance encounter between Irene, a young woman from Chilean aristocracy, and Francisco, the son of an anarchist professor. As they delve into a routine report, a strange world hidden by official history is unveiled, making them feel responsible for the cruel facts that unfold.

Amidst the shadows of power and abuse, Irene and Francisco’s love develops as a counterforce, pressured by injustices and hatred. This novel depicts both real and imagined situations, creating a love song for the freedom of a mundane existence.

Allende’s talent as a writer shines through as she displays her ability to live up to her literary debut, The House of the Spirits, much to the satisfaction of her numerous readers. With poignant sobriety, sometimes horror, and other times tenderness and hope, De Amor e de Sombra is a milestone in Spanish literature.

About the Author

Meet Isabel Allende Llona, an accomplished Chilean-American novelist known for her unique writing style known as “magic realism.” As one of the first successful women novelists hailing from Latin America, Allende draws on her personal experiences to craft stories that often center around women, blending myth and reality in a compelling way. Her passion for literature has led her to teach at various colleges in the United States and to embark on extensive book tours and speaking engagements.

Today, Allende calls California home, where she lives with her husband. In 2003, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Editoral Review

De Amor e de Sombra, written by the celebrated Chilean author Isabel Allende, offers a mesmerizing account of love, passion and social upheaval set against the backdrop of a repressive regime in South America. First published in 1982, the novel continues to be relevant to contemporary readers, given the recurrent human rights violations and political turmoil worldwide.

Allende’s flair for magical realism is evident in De Amor e de Sombra, which features a blend of fantastical elements and realist descriptions. The book delves into sensitive themes, such as political oppression, torture, loss, and reconciliation, with a sense of emotional depth that is deeply moving.

The novel is set in 1970s Chile, where two protagonists, Irene Beltrán, a passionate journalist, and Francisco Leal, a photographer, come together to uncover the brutalities of the military dictatorship. Against the background of violence and turmoil, the two protagonists fall in love, and their relationship takes on a transformative role.

One of the main strengths of Isabel Allende’s work is her ability to create nuanced, complex characters, who are neither purely good nor evil. Irene and Francisco, in particular, are well-developed, multidimensional figures whose motivations and actions are rooted in their personal experiences and beliefs.

The supporting cast is also interesting, including the characters of Eva and Azucena, whose tragic fates are poignant and thought-provoking. The narrative pacing is steady, with the author’s rich imagery and evocative descriptions of South American culture adding a vivid layer of authenticity.

The book’s topical relevance is another point of appreciation, with Allende’s commentary on political turmoil, social inequality, and human rights violations. However, one possible limitation of the novel is that the magical realism elements could seem overwrought in some places, and the ending may feel slightly unrealistic.

Nonetheless, the book as a whole is a highly engaging and emotional read, which will keep readers captivated until the very end. De Amor e de Sombra is recommended for readers who enjoy richly detailed stories focused on historical events and interpersonal relationships.

It is an excellent representation of Latin American literature and is sure to leave a lasting impact on its readers. The Washington Post scores De Amor e de Sombra an 8 out of 10 for its moving characterization, cultural richness, and relevance to contemporary issues.

It is a must-read for anyone looking for a poignant, thought-provoking story that both captivates and enlightens.