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Dead Man’s Island by Carolyn G. Hart Review

Title: Dead Man’s Island

Author: Carolyn G. Hart

First published August 1, 1993

352 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780553566079 (ISBN10: 0553566075)

Rating: 3.82


Henrietta O’Dwyer Collins, or Henrie O to her friends, is called upon by her former lover, Chase Prescott, to investigate a murder attempt on his life. With a list of suspects that includes his young wife, his stepson, and his secretary, Henrie O finds herself on Chase’s private island off the coast of South Carolina.

As she delves deeper, she uncovers a will and new evidence that lead her closer to the truth. But when a killer hurricane descends upon the island, Henrie O realizes that the trappings of luxury can be used for deadly purposes, and the secrets of the past have the power to engulf them all.

A thrilling mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

About the Author

Carolyn Hart is an accomplished author with 46 published mystery books under her belt. Her books have won several accolades, including Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards.

She is the creator of the famous Henrie O, Death on Demand, and Bailey Ruth Raeburn series. Carolyn was even nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for her novel Letter from Home, published in 2003.

Her latest book, Dead by Midnight, is a captivating mystery that was published in 2007 by William Morrow/HarperCollins.

The book follows Annie Darling, who suspects murder when the police say suicide. Max, her friend, isn’t convinced until Annie follows a trail behind the deceased woman’s house.

Annie uncovers the mystery of a towel hidden at midnight in a gazebo, blood on a teenager’s blue shirt, and the secret of a lovers’ tryst. Meanwhile, Max searches the woods to find incriminating evidence.

Annie sets the perfect trap for a merciless killer but is interrupted when her cell phone rings, and Death is on the line.

Carolyn Hart’s Death on Demand series is filled with humor and intrigue, and she particularly enjoys writing about Annie Darling’s mother-in-law, Laurel Roethke. In Dead by Midnight, Laurel creates Cat Truth Posters, which she wants Annie to hang in the bookstore.

The posters feature a cat’s photograph with a caption. One of the posters even points to the killer.

Carolyn hopes that readers will have as much fun reading her book as she had writing it.

Editoral Review

Dead Man’s Island, written by Carolyn G. Hart, is a thrilling mystery novel that was first published on August 1, 1993.

The novel was written by an American author who is renowned for her exceptional works in the cozy mystery genre. With over fifty mystery novels under her belt, Hart brings an impressive command over writing mysteries that keep readers on their toes.

The book is set in a small town called Broward’s Rock, located off the coast of Georgia. The protagonist of the story is a young widow named Henrie O, who is on a vacation on Dead Man’s Island.

When she finds out that her ex-husband Winston is also on the island, Henrie decides to confront him about their divorce. However, the moment she arrives, she finds out that Winston has been murdered, and she becomes the prime suspect in the case.

Hart has created fantastic characters that are witty, intelligent, and complex. Henrie O is a well-rounded protagonist, who is both relatable and admirable.

The supporting cast is equally impressive and helps to create the engrossing atmosphere that makes the book difficult to put down. One of the main strengths of the book is its plot structure, which is tightly woven and filled with thrilling twists and turns.

Hart balances the pace of the story, keeping it engaging while still allowing space for character-driven moments. The mystery becomes more intriguing with each page, and Hart manages to keep the reader guessing until the very end.

Hart also incorporates the island’s history into the plot, which adds depth to the overall story. The cultural significance of the island is interesting and adds to the sense of place that Hart has created.

Moreover, Hart’s writing style is approachable and easy to read, making this a perfect book for those who love mysteries. One of the downsides of the novel is that some of the supporting characters are not as well-developed as others.

Also, fans of the cozy mystery genre may find the plot to be a bit formulaic. However, Hart’s skillful writing and ability to craft engaging stories more than make up for these minor issues.

Overall, Dead Man’s Island is a great read for fans of the mystery genre. It is well-written, well-plotted, and features an intriguing cast of characters.

It’s a perfect vacation read, offering the right mix of suspense and relaxation. We would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery.

Based on this, we give Dead Man’s Island by Carolyn G. Hart a rating of four out of five stars.

It is an exceptional example of the cozy mystery genre and is sure to satisfy anyone looking for a well-crafted mystery novel.