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Death, Doom and Detention by Darynda Jones Review

Title: Death, Doom and Detention

Author: Darynda Jones

First published March 5, 2013

296 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780312625214 (ISBN10: 0312625219)

Rating: 3.95


When Jared Kovach arrived in town, Lorelei MacAlister’s life was turned upside down. With the second in command of Satan now inhabiting her body, Lorelei’s reality took a dark and eerie turn.

While her best friend Brooklyn helped her hone her abilities, a sinister force threatened to take Lorelei’s life. Lucky for her, the gang had a supernatural champion on their side.

But when their champion switches sides, the misfit group must come up with a plan to capture one of the most powerful beings ever created. Will they be able to save Lorelei and bring Jared back before it’s too late?

Find out in the thrilling pages of Death, Doom, and Detention by Darynda Jones.

About the Author

Darynda Jones is a renowned author who has achieved great success and recognition for her writing. With several awards to her name, including a RITA, a Golden Heart, and a Daphne du Maurier, her books have been translated into 17 different languages.

Darynda has always been a gifted storyteller, regaling anyone who would listen with tales of heroes and damsels in distress. Her popular Charley Davidson series has been a hit with readers worldwide, and she is currently working on two exciting new projects – the Sunshine Vicram Mystery Series with St. Martin’s Press, and the Betwixt and Between Series of paranormal women’s fiction.

Darynda resides in the beautiful Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband and two sons – the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys. You can read one of her most popular short stories, titled The Monster, by clicking on this link.

Connect with Darynda Jones today and discover the magic of her storytelling!

Editoral Review

Death, Doom and Detention by Darynda Jones is a young adult novel that was first published on March 5, 2013. Darynda Jones is known for writing paranormal romance and mystery novels, and Death, Doom and Detention follows in that path.

The genre of the book is considered supernatural, and it is set in the town of Port Henry, Ohio, where the author grew up. The book follows the main character, Lorelei McAlister, who has recently discovered that she is a succubus.

The story picks up where the first book in the series ended, and Lorelei is trying to adjust to her new life while also having to deal with a host of supernatural problems that have been plaguing the town. She is also dealing with a dilemma deciding between two attractive guys, Cameron and Jared.

Jones’ writing style is witty and engaging, drawing the reader into the story’s world. The plot is fast-paced, with plenty of action and plot twists to keep the reader entertained.

The book is peppered with humor, especially in the form of Lorelei’s commentary and sarcasm. One of the strengths of the book is its character development.

Lorelei grows over the course of the story, with her experiences shaping and changing her. Her relationships with Cameron and Jared are complex and nuanced, adding depth to the story.

The supporting characters are well-rounded and interesting, each having their own personality and quirks. Jones also does an excellent job of creating a vivid setting, with Port Henry coming to life on the page.

However, the book does have some weaknesses. The pacing can sometimes be uneven, with some scenes feeling rushed while others drag on too long.

Additionally, the plot can be predictable at times, with twists and turns that are not particularly surprising. Some readers may also find the love triangle trope somewhat overdone.

Overall, Death, Doom and Detention is an enjoyable read for fans of the young adult supernatural genre. While it may not be groundbreaking, its engaging characters, humor, and well-crafted setting make it a solid entry in the genre.

It would appeal most to teenagers and young adults who enjoy stories of magic, romance, and adventure. Rating: 3.5/5

The rating is based on the book’s engaging characters, humor, and well-crafted setting, but the book does have some flaws, such as uneven pacing and a predictable plot.