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Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva Review

Title: Drowning Mermaids

Author: Nadia Scrieva

First published January 15, 2012

316 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781476181967 (ISBN10: 1469932733)

Rating: 3.46


In a world where mermaids rule the ocean, one noble princess found herself displaced from her home. Aazuria flees to Alaska with her two younger sisters, trying to escape the war that destroyed her underwater kingdom.

With her feisty red-haired bodyguard by her side, she tries to start a new life among the Americans. It’s there that she meets Trevain Murphy, a successful crab fisherman who knows nothing of the world beneath the surface.

Drawn to her old-fashioned speech and unique mannerisms, Trevain offers to guide and protect Aazuria. But as their lives become forcibly entwined, they uncover staggering secrets behind her innocent facade.

Neither the princess nor the captain can imagine that a common enemy threatens both of their worlds. Will they be able to work together to defeat this foe and save their kingdoms, or will they be lost forever?

Dive into the world of Drowning Mermaids and discover the magic and danger that lies beneath the surface.

About the Author

Nadia Scrieva resides in Toronto, Canada sans spouse, offspring, or animal companions. She does, however, have a lovely houseplant that she tries to remember to hydrate when she’s not engrossed in her writing.

Be sure to check out her Facebook page for her loyal fans!

Editoral Review

Nadia Scrievas Drowning Mermaids is a book for anyone looking for a fresh, imaginative spin on classic fantasy. Published in January 2012, Scrievas work weaves together a melange of genres, including romance, adventure, and myth.

Scrieva, known for her ability to blend genres in a way that is both captivating and accessible to readers, crafts a plot that is both absorbing and full of surprises. The story revolves around the mermaids Alla and Aramana, who must navigate a tricky political landscape fraught with power struggles and treachery.

The two mermaids are caught in the middle of a conflict between their people and a hostile, invading army. What ensues is a tale of bravery and heart-wrenching sacrifice as the two sisters work to defend their underwater world against their formidable enemy.

One of the strengths of Drowning Mermaids is its detailed world-building. Scrieva has created a lush, original setting that immerses readers in its underwater world.

She also does an excellent job of fleshing out the characters; readers will find themselves relating to and caring deeply about characters on both sides of the mermaid-human conflict. The pacing is just right, moving quickly enough to keep the reader engaged, but not so quickly that it skimps on the details.

The books themes of colonialism and war make it especially timely in todays political context. Scrieva, who has a social work degree, is committed to exploring political and social issues through her writing.

Some readers may find the novels villain to be somewhat one-dimensional, but it is to Scrievas credit that she is able to strike a balance between empathy and condemnation when it comes to the books antagonists. While Drowning Mermaids is a book that will appeal to a broad audience of all ages, adults will find the novels more mature themes and nuanced approach to politics and social justice especially appealing.

Scrievas prose is both eloquent and accessible, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-crafted, escapist read. Overall, Drowning Mermaids is a highly recommended book.

Scrievas passionate storytelling and attention to detail make for a reading experience that is hard to put down. The book receives a rating of 4.5 out of 5, with high marks for its world-building, pacing, and character development.

Readers will finish Drowning Mermaids with a sense of longing for more a testament to the books ability to engross and absorb its readers.