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Eidolon by Grace Draven Review

Title: Eidolon

Author: Grace Draven

First published April 18, 2016

291 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9781310196522 (ISBN10: 1310196524)

Rating: 4.11


When the Shadow Queen of Haradis unleashes a malevolent force upon the land, Brishen, the younger prince of the Kai royal house, is left with the daunting task of reigning over a kingdom consumed by darkness and on the verge of collapse. His devoted human wife, Ildiko, must make a life-changing decision: stand by her beloved and risk losing everything, or sacrifice their love for the greater good of the kingdom.

As three enemy kingdoms must come together to save each other, a one-eyed, hesitant king must raise an army of the deceased to defeat an army of the cursed. This is a story of loyalty and selflessness in the face of insurmountable challenges.

About the Author

Hi there! I’m an author originally from Louisiana, currently residing in Texas with my husband, three little ones, and a goofy dog. I’ve had the privilege of living in Spain, exploring the Teton Mountains, honeymooning in Scotland, and even competing in rodeos.

Fun fact: I’m a great great granddaughter of a former Nicaraguan president!

While I’ve done some pretty exciting things, I have to admit that I despise doing laundry and refuse to ever iron anything. But enough about that – let’s talk about what I’m passionate about.

I’ve had a love for storytelling for as long as I can remember. My journey as a writer began with the publication of my first short story through Amber Quill Press.

Since then, I’ve written several other tales, always finding inspiration in the “bad boy” archetype found in fiction.

Editoral Review

Eidolon by Grace Draven is a brilliantly written novel published on April 18, 2016. Draven is a renowned American author and has made a name for herself in the fantasy and paranormal romance genres.

Eidolon is a captivating book that will have readers hooked from the first page until the very end. The novel revolves around the characters of Brishen and Ildiko, who are married as part of a peace treaty between their countries.

Both the characters are from different worlds and belong to different races. Brishen belongs to the Kai species, who are known for their gray skin and glowing golden eyes, while Ildiko is a Gauri, known for their pale skin and rich brown hair.

The story is set in the kingdom of Saggara, where the two main characters are forced to navigate political intrigue, war, and personal conflicts. Draven masterfully interweaves themes of identity, prejudice, and loyalty throughout the book.

Readers will be enchanted by the author’s beautifully detailed descriptions of the world and the complex characters she has created. Brishen and Ildiko are both fully realized characters with their own unique perspectives and challenges.

Their relationship develops over the course of the story and readers will be rooting for them until the very end. One of the strengths of Eidolon is the author’s writing style.

Draven’s use of lush, descriptive language is simply captivating. The dialogue is also masterfully written, drawing readers even further into the world of Saggara.

The pacing of the story is consistently strong, and the book is hard to put down once readers begin. Draven has done a fantastic job of creating a fully realized world in Eidolon.

The kingdoms, politics, and cultures are all brilliantly crafted and believable. The author has incorporated historical and cultural influences in the book, making the story come alive with depth and meaning.

Overall, Eidolon is a beautifully written novel that will transport readers into a world of magic and romance. The book is perfect for fans of fantasy, paranormal romance, and adventure.

While some readers might find the story to be slow-paced at times, the stunning character development and worldbuilding more than make up for this small inconvenience. Grace Draven has deftly woven together a tale that is both exciting and emotionally engaging.

Eidolon is a must-read for anyone who loves great stories and is looking for something new in the world of fantasy and romance novels. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fantastic read.

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