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Enemy Zone by Alex Lidell Review

Title: Enemy Zone

Author: Alex Lidell

First published September 27, 2020

298 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.35


Running away from a controlling ex-boyfriend, Sarah finds herself in Colorado with no money and no place to go. The only option left is to work for Cullen Hunt, a wealthy and powerful man who is a walking disaster waiting to happen.

He’s demanding, difficult, and a master of manipulation, but there’s something about him that Sarah finds irresistible. As they work together at Trident Rescue, Sarah discovers that Cullen’s nightmares are haunting him and she’s the only one who can help him heal.

But can she put her own fears aside and take a chance on love with a man like Cullen? Enemy Zone is a gripping standalone romance that will make your heart race with a spunky heroine, a powerful Navy SEAL, and a love that can conquer all.

About the Author

Meet Alex Lidell, a talented author who has been recognized as a finalist in the Amazon Breakout Novel Awards. She has authored several Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers, including the popular POWER OF FIVE romance series, as well as THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin).

When she’s not writing, Alex enjoys horseback riding and indulging in dessert before dinner. You can find her books under both Alex Lidell and A.L. Lidell.

Stay updated on her latest news, bonus content, and sneak peeks by joining her newsletter. For more information, visit Alex’s website.

Editoral Review

Enemy Zone by Alex Lidell is a thrilling addition to the Young Adult Fantasy genre. Published in September 2020, it follows the story of Zara, a young warrior who strives to prove herself to her clan and protect her people from their enemies.

The book explores themes of loyalty, family, and self-discovery. Set in a fictional world, the story takes place in the midst of a brutal war between the two rival clans, the Hereva and the Namari.

Zara, who is part of the Hereva clan, is tasked with completing a mission that no one else has managed to accomplish. Desperate to prove her worth, Zara volunteers for the mission and is eventually captured by the Namari.

She soon discovers that what she thought about her enemies is not entirely true. Lidell does an excellent job of crafting the characters in the book.

Zara, the protagonist, is a strong and intelligent warrior who is forced to confront the harsh realities of war. Lidell also explores the themes of loyalty and family in the book, highlighting the bonds between the characters and their desire to protect their own.

The author also masterfully builds tension throughout the story, keeping readers at the edge of their seats. One of the highlights of this book is the world-building.

Lidell has created a unique and fascinating world where readers can immerse themselves in the story completely. The complex political system, the magic, and the various cultures and traditions of the clans are all expertly woven into the narrative.

The book is also culturally significant, as it explores themes of war and prejudice that are relevant to current issues. The author’s writing style is engaging and immersive, making it easy for readers to dive deep into the world of the story.

The pacing is also well done, keeping the reader interested and invested in the story’s outcome. However, Enemy Zone does have some flaws.

The subplots could have been trimmed down, as they are not as compelling as the main plot. Lidell could have also delved deeper into some of the secondary characters to make them more interesting.

Overall, Enemy Zone is a brilliantly crafted book that deserves to be read by young adults and fantasy lovers alike. The author’s dedication to building the world and the intricate relationships between the characters is evident throughout the story.

Despite its minor flaws, the book’s strengths make it a fantastic read. I highly recommend it and give it a score of 4 out of 5.