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Exotic Indulgence by Vivian Arend Review

Title: Exotic Indulgence

Author: Vivian Arend

First published April 23, 2011

53 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.24


As of February 2017, Exotic Indulgence by Vivian Arend is no longer available. The story unfolds in Bandicoot Cove, where Kylie Sullivan is about to fulfill her dream of managing a luxury, five-star resort.

It’s a place where love is in the air, and Kylie has fallen hard for three very different men. Join her on a journey of self-discovery and sensual exploration as she indulges in the pleasures of life.

Although the book is no longer in print, the memory of Kylie’s unforgettable experience will linger on.

About the Author

Vivian Arend, a bestselling author on the New York Times and USA Today, is passionate about sharing her imaginative stories with her readers. Her romance novels span across various genres such as contemporary, western, and light-hearted paranormal themes.

These stories are brimming with humor, emotions and offer a cast of relatable characters that are either family or friends. You can be assured of a happy ending with Vivian’s books.

Vivian draws inspiration from her husband, who has been her loyal partner in all kinds of adventures, and he serves as the hero in her books. Her home is in British Columbia, Canada.

Editoral Review

Exotic Indulgence by Vivian Arend is a sizzling love story about second chances, forgiveness, and redemption. Arend emerges as a master of the contemporary romance genre, highlighted by her impeccable characterisation, humour and exquisite prose.

Her writing style is confident and engaging, offering readers a romance novel that is easy to read yet nuanced in its themes and characterisation. Set in the beautiful city of Banff, Canada, the book tells the story of Julie and Sean two characters with dramatically different personalities struggling to move forward following past romantic failures.

Julie is trying her best to leave her past behind and start a new life in Banff while Sean, an accomplished landscape photographer is looking forward to enjoying his hard-earned success. However, the two cross paths on a remote mountaintop in a fateful meeting that sparks a chain of events that will have readers transfixed till the final page.

One of the standout features of the book is the skilful way Arend handles the characterisation of both Julie and Sean. Their personalities are beautifully developed, and their motivations and actions are entirely realistic and well-drawn.

From their initial encounters, dining together on a cold, snowy night to their intimate moments, every aspect of their romance is woven meticulously and tastefully into the fabric of the narrative. Arend has carefully crafted the charming, idealistic, and authentic Banff as a character in its own right.

She does an excellent job of describing the beautiful mountain ranges, the wildlife and the traditional, rustic small mountain town life. Through her scenic descriptions, she whisks her readers away to the heart of the Canadian wilderness, and they journey alongside Julie and Sean as they explore uncharted territories.

The themes of forgiveness and redemption are skilfully woven in Exotic Indulgence, providing an insight into the human condition. Both Julie and Sean are characters who are trying to make amends for their past misdemeanours in order to achieve forgiveness and redemption.

While the universal theme of love is at the forefront, the underlying themes of overcoming the past and moving forward in life make the novel particularly relatable to the wider audience. In summary, Exotic Indulgence is a delightful romance novel that captivates readers from start to finish.

Arends exceptional writing style and character development make the book a truly unforgettable experience. Anyone who appreciates contemporary romance novels infused with beautiful scenery and realistic characters, should immediately pick up a copy of this book.

I would, therefore, recommend this book to readers who enjoy the work of authors such as Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, or Robyn Carr. I give this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5.