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Fearless by Cornelia Funke Review

Title: Fearless

Author: Cornelia Funke

First published September 6, 2012

424 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780316056106 (ISBN10: 0316056103)

Rating: 4.19


In Fearless, Jacob Reckless is faced with a deadly fate as a fatal fairy moth rests on his chest, giving him only a few months to live. Desperate to find a cure, he embarks on a perilous journey to obtain the blood of a Northern Djinn and a mythical crossbow that can either heal or kill.

However, he soon discovers that a notorious Goyl assassin and treasure hunter is also after the prized crossbow. With time running out, Jacob must race against the clock to find the crossbow before it falls into the wrong hands, all while convincing his reluctant ally, Fox, to help him save his own life.

About the Author

Meet Cornelia Funke, an accomplished German storyteller and illustrator who has earned multiple awards for her work. Her captivating fantasy novels are loved by readers of all ages, with the Inkheart trilogy being one of her most famous creations.

Cornelia’s books have been published worldwide and translated into over 30 languages. When she’s not writing, Cornelia spends time with her family, which includes two children, two birds, and a beloved elderly dog.

She currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California.

Editoral Review

Cornelia Funke’s “Fearless” is a thrilling adventure novel that will capture readers’ imaginations from the very first page. Known for her imaginative storytelling and vivid characters, Funke expertly weaves together a captivating tale that is perfect for young adult readers or anyone looking for an exciting read.

The story follows Jacob Reckless, a young man who has spent most of his life exploring a mysterious and dangerous world hidden behind a magic mirror in his father’s study. But when his younger brother Will follows him into the enchanted world, everything changes.

Together, the two brothers must navigate a treacherous realm filled with deadly creatures, magical artifacts, and powerful enemies. One of the strengths of “Fearless” lies in its characterization.

Jacob and Will are both complex, fully-realized characters with their own unique personalities, along with a host of other fascinating characters that populate the magical world. Funke masterfully brings them all to life with vivid descriptions and compelling backstories, making readers invested in their fates.

The novel also boasts an intriguing and well-executed plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Each twist and turn feels organic and unexpected, leading to a thrilling climax that will leave readers eager for more.

Funke’s flair for action and adventure is on full display in “Fearless,” as she skillfully crafts tense and suspenseful scenes that keep the pages turning. While the book does have some flaws, such as a sometimes-uneven pacing and a bit of predictability in some areas, these are largely outweighed by its many strengths.

Fans of Funke’s past work, such as the “Inkheart” series, will find much to love here, as will readers of fantasy and adventure novels in general. Overall, “Fearless” is a must-read for anyone looking for a thrilling escape into a magical world full of danger and adventure.

With its vivid and fully-realized characters, gripping plot, and masterful storytelling, this novel is sure to captivate readers of all ages. We give it a rating of four out of five stars, based on its impeccable characterization, solid plot structure, and well-articulated themes.