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Feathered Serpent, Part 2 by Chris Heimerdinger Review

Title: Feathered Serpent, Part 2

Author: Chris Heimerdinger

First published January 1, 1995

330 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781577344896 (ISBN10: 1577344898)

Rating: 4.17


Feathered Serpent, Part 2 by Chris Heimerdinger is the second installment in The Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. In this thrilling book, Jim and his siblings, Garth and Jennifer, find themselves transported once again to a different time period – this time to the land of the Maya.

As they navigate this new and dangerous world, they must use their courage and wit to survive and find a way back home. But when a mysterious figure known as the Feathered Serpent enters the picture, they realize their journey may be far from over.

Join Jim and his siblings on another unforgettable adventure in Feathered Serpent, Part 2.

About the Author

Meet Chris Heimerdinger, an accomplished author and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). With sixteen novels under his belt, he has become a well-known figure in both adult and young adult literature.

Many of his books are centered around religious themes that are close to the hearts of LDS members. Most of his works are published by Covenant Communications, based in American Fork, Utah.

In 1995, Random House/Ballantine also picked up one of his books titled A Return to Christmas. When it was re-released in 2004, it was once again published by Covenant Communications.

Editoral Review

Feathered Serpent, Part 2 by Chris Heimerdinger is a compelling novel that immerses the reader in the world of the ancient Mayans. Published in 1995, the book is the second installment of the Feathered Serpent trilogy and follows the story of a young boy, Joshua, who has been transported back in time to the year 987 A.D.

Heimerdinger, known for his Young Adult and LDS fiction works, has created a unique blend of historical fiction, adventure, and fantasy genres.

Feathered Serpent, Part 2 explores themes of time travel, cultural understanding, spirituality, family bonds, and political intrigue.

The plot of the novel follows Joshua as he tries to navigate the complex political landscape of the Mayan civilization, where war and human sacrifice are common practices.

As Joshua tries to find a way back to his own time, he befriends the Mayan prince, and together they try to prevent the outbreak of war between their respective kingdoms. Meanwhile, Joshua’s family back in present-day Utah is frantically trying to locate him.

Heimerdinger has done an excellent job of bringing the Mayan world to life, and his attention to historical and cultural detail is impressive. The characters are well-developed and have distinct personalities, making it easy to invest in their storylines.

The pacing is well-paced, with enough action to keep the story moving forward, but not so much that it feels rushed. The plot structure is solid, and the interweaving storylines give the novel depth and complexity.

One of the strengths of Feathered Serpent, Part 2 is how it encourages readers to learn about a culture that is not often depicted in modern literature. Heimerdinger has clearly done his research and presents the Mayan civilization in a way that is respectful and insightful.

However, there are some weaknesses to the novel. Some of the character interactions and dialogue can be overly simplistic, and there are moments where the story feels predictable.

Overall, Feathered Serpent, Part 2 is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in historical fiction or adventure novels. It is not without its flaws, but Heimerdinger’s skillful storytelling and attention to detail make it an engaging and thought-provoking book.

I would recommend Feathered Serpent, Part 2 to Young Adult readers who enjoy learning about different cultures or anyone who likes fantasy novels. Although it is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.