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Financial Peace Revisited: New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families by Dave Ramsey Review

Title: Financial Peace Revisited: New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families

Author: Dave Ramsey

First published January 1, 1992

326 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780670032082 (ISBN10: 0670032085)

Rating: 4.28


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About the Author

Meet Dave Ramsey – the financial expert who has been empowering people since 1992 to take control of their finances, build wealth, and live better lives. As a #1 National bestselling author and host of The Ramsey Show, which has over 18 million listeners tuning in each week, Dave is America’s go-to voice on money and business.

His eight national bestselling books, including The Total Money Makeover, Baby Steps Millionaires, and EntreLeadership, have helped countless people transform their financial futures. Dave also serves as the CEO of Ramsey Solutions, further cementing his position as a trusted leader in the world of finance.

Editoral Review

Financial Peace Revisited: New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families, written by Dave Ramsey, is a highly informative and insightful book that provides readers with practical tips and advice on how to manage their finances effectively. First published in 1992, this book has remained relevant and informative to people of different backgrounds and financial circumstances.

Dave Ramsey is a best-selling author and a personal finance expert who has helped millions of people across the world make better financial decisions. Financial Peace Revisited is his most celebrated work, and it is easy to see why.

The book is written in a conversational and straightforward style that makes it easy for readers to grasp the concepts he discusses. The book is divided into ten chapters that cover different aspects of personal finance, such as saving, budgeting, and investing, to name a few.

It contains new chapters that address topics such as people who are single, kids, and families. The book is rooted in Ramsey’s experience as a financial advisor who has walked with people through debt, bankruptcy, and financial crises.

The book is not just about numbers, but it also touches on the emotional and psychological aspects of personal finance. Ramsey understands that personal finance is not just about money but also about achieving emotional and psychological peace.

He teaches readers how to break destructive financial habits so that they can live more fulfilling lives. The book’s strength lies in how the author approaches the subject of personal finance.

He doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but he provides practical advice that people can use to transform their financial lives. He speaks from his experience, which makes him relatable to readers who might be struggling with similar financial challenges.

Moreover, the book is filled with inspiring real-life stories of people who have successfully transformed their financial lives through the principles that Ramsey teaches. The stories are relatable and demonstrate that with hard work and discipline, anyone can achieve financial freedom.

Despite its many strengths, the book has some limitations. For instance, some readers might find the author’s emphasis on Christianity distracting, and some might find that some of the advice he provides is not applicable to their specific circumstances.

However, these are minor quibbles that do not detract from the overall value of the book. In conclusion, Financial Peace Revisited: New Chapters on Marriage, Singles, Kids and Families is an essential book for anyone who wants to take control of their finances.

It is informative, relatable, practical, and inspiring. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to create a better financial future for themselves and their loved ones.

I give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on its practicality, readability, and relevance to current financial issues.

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