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Finding Forever by Emilia Finn Review

Title: Finding Forever

Author: Emilia Finn

First published July 14, 2017

285 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.58


Join Jimmy and Izzy on a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and redemption in Emilia Finn’s Finding Forever. Despite growing up together and knowing they were meant to be, life takes unexpected turns for the childhood best friends.

With Izzy having a baby with another man, Jimmy wonders if he missed his chance at love. Will he be able to win her heart before it’s too late?

Or will Izzy find happiness with someone else? Buckle up for an emotional ride with the Rollin crew that will leave you breathless until the very end.

About the Author

Meet Emilia Finn, an accomplished author from Australia who has written and published over 40 books. Her writing has dominated the charts, with many of her books reaching #1 in their categories and the top 20 on Amazon.

Emilia is a proud mother, a coffee enthusiast, and has a passion for collecting unique coffee mugs. In her pre-motherhood days, Emilia was a full-contact fighter, which inspired her to write her first book, Finding Home.

The novel features the world champion MMA fighter Bobby Kincaid and his equal in every way, Kit Reilly. What was initially a one-time experience for Emilia has now turned into a thriving career, with a vast empire and a daily routine she cherishes.

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Editoral Review

Finding Forever by Emilia Finn is a heartwarming story that explores the complexities of love, loss, and the human spirit. Emilia Finn is an emerging author who has been making waves in the literary scene since the first release of this book on July 14, 2017.

Finding Forever is a contemporary romance novel that follows the life of Elizabeth Smith, who is desperately trying to move on from the tragic death of her fianc. Set in the bustling city of New York, the novel begins with Elizabeth Smith, a young advertising executive, struggling to cope with the grief of losing her fianc in a tragic accident.

With the help of her best friend, Elizabeth starts to rebuild her life and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her to cross paths with the charming and enigmatic Dean Parker, a successful businessman with a dark past. As Elizabeth and Dean’s relationship blossoms, they are forced to confront their own inner demons and the potential consequences of their newfound love.

The novel is told from the alternating perspectives of both Elizabeth and Dean, giving the reader a more comprehensive understanding of both characters’ motives, desires, and fears. Overall, Finding Forever is a beautifully written novel that effortlessly blends romance, drama, and self-discovery.

Emilia Finn has crafted a story that speaks to the complexities of human relationships and the struggles we all face in finding our place in the world. The novel’s strengths lie in its character development and the incredible attention to detail that Finn employs to bring the city of New York to life on the pages.

While the novel’s themes and style are not entirely unique, Emilia Finn’s writing sets her apart from other authors in her genre. She has a talent for crafting vivid scenes that are emotionally charged and captivating, drawing the reader into the story with ease.

However, the novel’s pacing could be improved as the story does at times drag on for too long, slowing the momentum and dragging out some of the conflicts. Additionally, the novel’s emotional moments can feel forced at times, taking away from the genuine connections formed between the characters.

That said, anyone looking for a thoughtful and engaging romance novel will not be disappointed by Finding Forever. Fans of similar works like Nicholas Sparks or Jojo Moyes will be enamoured with this book.

Emilia Finn has written a beautiful story that explores the depth of human emotions and relationships, leaving the reader feeling hopeful and inspired.

Rating: 4/5