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Flying Sparks by Julie Wetzel Review

Title: Flying Sparks

Author: Julie Wetzel

First published September 19, 2014

282 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.12


As the city becomes plagued by a series of mysterious fires, Vicky finds herself in the crosshairs of a dangerous arsonist. With no leads or suspects, she turns to the supernatural community for help.

But gathering the different factions of creatures together is easier said than done, especially when the culprit is a powerful being of fire and magic. As Vicky navigates the uneasy truce between the groups, she realizes that her job as a human detective might be more than she can handle.

Can she solve the case before it’s too late?

About the Author

Julie grew up in Ohio with a deep passion for science. Her aspirations ranged from studying outer space to uncovering the secrets of volcanoes.

However, life rarely follows a predictable path. In 2007, Julie relocated to Mississippi to be with her partner.

Today, Julie is a dedicated mother to a spirited young boy with fiery red hair. When she’s not busy chasing down stray socks or retrieving toys from the ceiling, she channels her creative energy into crafting intricate and captivating worlds for her readers.

Julie is an avid lover of books and relishes in using elaborate vocabulary. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, collecting unique earrings, and exploring a wide range of other hobbies.

Editoral Review

Flying Sparks by Julie Wetzel is a delightful addition to the urban fantasy genre. Published in the fall of 2014, this novel is packed with fast-pacing action, exceptional world-building, and a unique cast of characters.

Wetzel expertly blends fantasy, romance, and suspense to create a page-turner that is perfect for readers who crave a thrilling escape from reality. The author, Julie Wetzel, is a skilled writer with a talent for creating intricate worlds and diverse characters.

Her ability to balance storytelling with character development allows Flying Sparks to stand out from other novels in the genre. Wetzel’s characters are fully fleshed out and relatable, making it easy to invest in their journeys throughout the novel.

The pacing of the book is well-crafted, with suspenseful moments that keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. The novel takes place in a world where supernaturals exist alongside humans, with the two groups working together to keep the peace.

The protagonist, Bianca, is a pyrotechnic who, despite her supernatural abilities, is just trying to lead a normal life. But when she is thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens to destroy the balance between humans and supernaturals, Bianca must fight to protect the people she loves.

Wetzel’s vivid descriptions of the supernatural world and the powers of the characters make it easy to imagine the story unfolding in real-time. The setting of the book, which takes place in Seattle, adds to the overall ambiance, highlighting the urban and mystical aspects of the city.

The book also touches on themes of power, politics, and equality, making it more than just a fantasy novel. It prompts readers to think deeply about privilege and the lengths people will go to maintain it.

Flying Sparks challenges readers to consider how people are willing to compromise their values and beliefs for personal gain. Although the novel has its strengths, it is also not without its flaws.

The pacing of the book can occasionally become erratic, with some scenes feeling rushed, while others drag on. Additionally, the romance between Bianca and her love interest, Adam, feels a bit too tropey and predictable at times.

In conclusion, Flying Sparks is a thrilling read that offers an escape from reality. Wetzel’s unique world-building, well-crafted characters, and suspenseful storytelling make it a strong contender in the urban fantasy genre.

It is a great book for readers who are looking for a fun, fast-paced story that will keep them on the edge of their seat. While not perfect, Flying Sparks is still an exceptional novel that is sure to delight fantasy fans.

The Washington Post gives Flying Sparks four out of five stars.