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Folding Hearts by Jennifer Foor Review

Title: Folding Hearts

Author: Jennifer Foor

First published October 7, 2012

263 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.27


In Folding Hearts, the second book in the Mitchell Series, Ty and Miranda’s relationship becomes more complicated than ever before. Though they’ve always been close – they’re related through Colt – their dynamic shifts when Ty helps deliver Miranda’s baby.

Even though they live far apart, their bond continues to strengthen, blurring the lines between friendship and something deeper. When Miranda is forced to move to Ty’s parents’ farm, their feelings for each other become impossible to ignore.

But can Ty, the ultimate bad boy, change his ways to be with the person who knows him best?

About the Author

Meet Jennifer Foor, a talented writer who specializes in contemporary romance. Her impressive collection of over 40 published titles features something for everyone, and her best-selling Mitchell Family Series alone spans an impressive 10 books.

You can easily find her work on various platforms or in paperback form. When Jennifer isn’t busy crafting heartwarming stories, you can find her spending time with her two children, or deep in thought behind her trusty keyboard.

Her passion for writing truly shines through in every book she creates.

Editoral Review

Folding Hearts by Jennifer Foor is a contemporary romance novel that was first published on October 7, 2012. Foor is a successful author of romance novels, and her writing style is crisp, clear, and emotionally charged.

In this book, Foor explores the themes of love, misunderstandings, family dynamics, and the challenges of relationships. The story follows the life of Emily Michaels, a young woman who has been scarred by her past relationships.

Emily is wary of falling in love again, but her life changes when she meets the charming and handsome Jake. Jake is everything that Emily could wish for, but their relationship is not without its challenges.

Emily’s troubled past comes back to haunt her, and Jake must navigate his own demons to be with her. Folding Hearts is set in a small town in Georgia and the author vividly describes the town, adding to the realism of the story.

The characters are well-drawn, with each one having a unique voice and personality. Emily is a relatable character, struggling with her past and her fear of falling in love.

Jake is a likeable character, with his own secrets and vulnerabilities. The secondary characters are also well developed, and their interactions with Emily and Jake add depth to the story.

Folding Hearts is not just a romance novel, but it also addresses issues of trust, forgiveness, and self-discovery. The story is emotionally charged, and the pacing is excellent, with the right amount of tension and drama.

Overall, the story flows well, with each chapter building on the previous one. One of the strengths of the book is the author’s writing style, which is descriptive and engaging.

Foor has a way of painting a vivid picture with her words, making the setting and characters come to life. The dialogue is also well written, and the exchanges between the characters are natural and believable.

However, there are some weaknesses in the book. The conflict resolution at the end of the book is a little rushed and predictable, which detracts from the impact of the story.

Additionally, some of the secondary characters could have been fleshed out more, as they add to the story’s richness. Despite its flaws, Folding Hearts is a heartfelt and compelling read that takes readers on a journey of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Foor’s writing is excellent, and she creates a story that is easy to relate to and emotionally charged. For those who enjoy contemporary romance novels, Folding Hearts is a must-read.

Rating: 8/10