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Forbidden Highlander by Donna Grant Review

Title: Forbidden Highlander

Author: Donna Grant

First published May 25, 2010

331 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780312381233 (ISBN10: 0312381239)

Rating: 4.16


A HIGHLANDER’S DILEMMA… Ewan MacLeod has always been different from the others in his clan.

He possesses an unusual ability to control the elements and his family fears his powers may attract unwanted attention. But when Ewan’s sister is taken captive by a group of rogue druids, he must step out of the shadows and seek help from the king.

In the midst of his mission, he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Mairi MacGregor. A FORBIDDEN LOVE…

Mairi has always been captivated by Ewan’s strength and courage, but she also knows the danger that comes with loving a man like him. As they work together to rescue Ewan’s sister and stop the druids, their desire for each other grows stronger by the day.

But their love is forbidden, and if they succumb to their passions, they risk everything – including their lives. Will Ewan and Mairi be able to fight the forces that threaten their love, or will their secrets tear them apart forever?

About the Author

Donna is an accomplished author with an impressive portfolio of over one hundred novels. Her most notable work is the captivating Dark King series, which features dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

Aside from her novels, Donna has written several short stories, novellas, and novelettes for both digital and print release. She has been referred to as the author who breathed new life into the paranormal genre and has been praised for her expert characterization and deft plotting skills.

Donna has been recognized for her contributions to the literary world, winning awards from both bookseller and reader contests such as the National Reader’s Choice Award, Booksellers Best Award, and the K.I.S.S. Award.

She frequently travels across the country to attend speaking engagements, conferences, and book signings. Donna is also a frequent workshop presenter at national conferences such as Thrillerfest and RT Book Lovers Convention, as well as various local chapters.

Born and raised in Texas, Donna has a love for both her Cajun and Texan roots, which have taught her to appreciate the spicy side of life and the art of two-stepping and bareback riding. She is always accompanied by her loyal 80-pound dog, Sisko, and her three beloved cats.

In her free time, you can find her at the movies or bookstore with her children, or indulging in her love for makeup and shoes.

You can find Donna at donnagrant.com, as well as her website dedicated to the Dragon Kings and other series that are part of the Dark World.

Editoral Review

Forbidden Highlander, a historical romance novel penned by Donna Grant, was first published on May 25, 2010. As a renowned author famous for writing about the Scottish highlands and their clan wars, Grant is a master of the historical romance genre.

In this book, she weaves together history, romance, and action in a mesmerizing story that retains the reader’s attention until the end. From the onset, the story captures the cultural and historical significance of the Scottish highlands, highlighting the conflicts and tensions that existed between different clans.

The plot centers on the main character, Fallon, a Highlander who has always lived by the rules of his clan. He’s cunning, brave, and ambitious but hides a dark secret that could destroy everything he has ever held dear.

When a chance encounter with a Sassenach noblewoman, Larena, changes his fate, their love story is one of the captivating elements of the book. Their union is tested when Fallon’s dark past comes to light, putting both their lives in danger.

Amidst the intrigues, plots, and battles that follow, the book succeeds in creating a delicate balance between romance and action, ensuring that the reader is kept guessing about how things will turn out. One of the strengths of Forbidden Highlander is Grant’s prose.

Her writing style is fluid, mystical, and poetic, evoking the imagery of the Scottish highlands with colorful descriptions of the settings, characters, and their emotions. Grant’s use of historical context is spot-on, and she does an excellent job of marrying fiction with facts to create an immersive plot that feels true to its setting.

However, the book falls short in terms of character development. While Fallon and Larena are compelling characters, their relationship is the only significant development seen in the book, and other characters’ arcs are either poorly developed or not present at all.

Additionally, while the plot has several twists and turns, some of them feel forced, and the pacing can seem slow at times. In terms of a critical analysis of Forbidden Highlander, the book has many strengths and weaknesses, but it is an overall enjoyable read.

Readers who enjoy historical romance novels with compelling characters and well-researched settings will love this book. It compares favorably to other works of the same genre written by Grant, and indeed, any historical romance aficionado will be thrilled to recommend it.

However, readers who prefer more action-oriented plots may be disappointed. The book offers a valuable escape from reality, enabling the reader to lose themselves in a magical world of Scottish highlands and their clan wars.

It’s perfect for anyone looking for a short, light read and a break from typical reality. Therefore, it’s a must-read book for anyone who loves historical romance novels or is looking for a good book to read over a long weekend.

Finally, given the overall quality of the story, it deserves a rating of 4/5, and it’s a definite recommendation for historical romance enthusiasts.