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Ghoul by Brian Keene Review

Title: Ghoul

Author: Brian Keene

First published January 1, 2007

322 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780843956443 (ISBN10: 0843956445)

Rating: 3.86


In the quiet town of Millville, summer vacation is supposed to be about beach trips and ice cream cones. But for 16-year-old Jenny, her summer will be anything but typical.

When the town’s graveyard is disturbed by an unknown force, Jenny and her friends begin to notice strange occurrences around town. Soon they realize that a ghoul – a creature they thought only existed in legends – is on the loose and hungry for flesh.

As the ghoul begins to terrorize the town, Jenny and her friends must band together to fight for their lives and defeat the monster before it’s too late. Can they survive the summer and outsmart the ghoul?

Only time will tell.

About the Author

Brian Keene is a writer who dabbles in various forms of storytelling, including novels, comic books, short fiction, and journalism. With over forty books under his belt, Keene mostly explores horror, crime, and dark fantasy genres.

His novel, The Rising, which he wrote in 2003, is credited for sparking the current zombie interest in pop culture, alongside Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later film. Keene’s books are popular, having been translated into several languages such as German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, and French.

Keene has written for various media properties, including Doctor Who, Hellboy, Masters of the Universe, and Superman. Some of Keene’s novels have been turned into films, such as Ghoul, The Ties That Bind, and Fast Zombies Suck, and several others are in the works.

Keene also runs Maelstrom, a small press publishing imprint that specializes in limited edition collectibles through Thunderstorm Books.

Keene’s work has been lauded in various places, from The New York Times, The History Channel, The Howard Stern Show, CNN.com, Publisher’s Weekly, Media Bistro, Fangoria Magazine, and Rue Morgue Magazine. Keene is an award-winning writer, having won the World Horror 2014 Grand Master Award, two Bram Stoker Awards, and recognition from Whiteman A.F.B. for his outreach to U.S. troops serving both overseas and abroad.

Keene is an experienced public speaker and has spoken at conventions, college campuses, theaters, and even inside Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, VA.

Keene is a father to two sons and lives in rural Pennsylvania.

Editoral Review

Ghoul by Brian Keene is a horror novel that was first published on January 1, 2007. Brian Keene is a well-known name in the horror genre, having written several acclaimed works in the past.

Ghoul is a classic example of Keene’s writing style, with a focus on fast-paced action and thrilling suspense. The novel is set in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, where something sinister is lurking in the shadows.

The story follows a group of teenagers who become embroiled in a series of gruesome murders that are happening in their town. As they investigate the killings, they uncover a dark secret that threatens to consume them all.

Keene’s writing is visceral and intense, with a keen eye for detail that makes every scene come alive. The characters are well-drawn and believable, with their motivations and emotions laid bare for the reader to see.

The pacing of the story is excellent, with each chapter ending on a cliffhanger that keeps the reader hooked. One of the strengths of Ghoul is Keene’s ability to build tension and suspense, which is maintained throughout the book.

The horror elements are well executed, with scenes that will make even the most hardened horror fan shudder. Keene’s descriptions of the ghoul are particularly effective, making the creature both terrifying and fascinating.

However, there are some elements of the book that can be improved upon. The plot can at times feel a bit contrived, with some of the twists and turns feeling forced.

While the characters are well-drawn, some of them can feel a bit one-dimensional, and their dialogue can at times be cliched. Overall, Ghoul is a gripping horror novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

It is a well-written and engaging story that will appeal to fans of the genre. Despite its flaws, it is a highly recommended read that will leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Rating: 3.5/5.