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Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck Review

Title: Glazed Murder

Author: Jessica Beck

First published January 1, 2010

291 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780312946104 (ISBN10: 0312946104)

Rating: 3.66


Welcome to Donut Delight, a cozy coffee shop nestled in the heart of April Springs, North Carolina. Meet our owner, Suzanne Hart, who followed her passion for donuts after a bitter divorce from “The Great Impersonator,” Max.

Unfortunately, her shop becomes a crime scene when a dead body is dropped on her doorstep. As everyone in town rushes in for donuts and gossip, Suzanne can’t resist investigating the gruesome details.

But with the retired sheriff warning her to be cautious and every person in town a suspect, Suzanne finds herself poking holes in everyone’s alibis. Join Suzanne in her hunt for the killer and find out who has a taste for murder in April Springs.

About the Author

The person behind the name Jessica Beck is actually Tim Myers. This author has achieved a lot of recognition in the mystery genre, having been nominated for the Agatha Award and named a top-selling author by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association multiple times.

One interesting fact about Jessica Beck is her love for donuts, which is evident in her Donut Mystery series. She admits to indulging in these treats in the name of research, and has tried and tested many more recipes than the ones featured in her books.

Aside from her passion for baking, Beck also enjoys the occasional snowfall in her North Carolina home in the foothills.

Editoral Review

Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck is a delightful cozy mystery that will keep readers fully engaged from the first page to the last. Jessica Beck is an accomplished mystery writer who has successfully written numerous novels in this genre.

Published on January 1, 2010, Glazed Murder follows the beloved protagonist Suzanne Hart, who owns a quaint doughnut shop, Donut Hearts, in the sleepy town of April Springs. As with most cozy mysteries, Glazed Murder is full of charm, wit, and humor.

The novel’s setting is small-town America, where everyone knows and looks out for each other. Suzanne, the protagonist, is a relatable character with a passion for baking and solving mysteries.

The novel’s themes explore the importance of friendships, loyalty, and community. The story is told in the first person, allowing readers to intimately get to know Suzanne and understand her motivations.

The plot revolves around the murder of a local businessman, George, who makes matters worse by being found dead in Donut Hearts. The suspect list is long, including Suzanne’s ex-husband, a competing business owner, and even one of her own friends.

Suzanne soon realizes that it’s up to her to solve the crime, clear her name and protect her business. Jessica Beck writes with impeccable pacing, keeping the readers’ attention throughout the book.

The discovery of clues and interrogations of suspects build up to the grand reveal, keeping readers guessing until the end. Beck also does an excellent job of incorporating the subtle clues that unravel the mystery.

The main character, Suzanne, is skillfully crafted, with her strengths and imperfections, making her a fully relatable and realistic character. Additionally, the supporting cast of characters is well fleshed-out, making them an enjoyable addition to the story.

Overall, Glazed Murder is well-written, cleverly plotted, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. It’s no wonder why Jessica Beck continues to dominate the cozy mystery genre with her delightful narratives.

However, the book does have a limitation with plot predictability. Some readers may see the ending coming from a mile away, which might affect their enjoyment of the book.

Also, the novel’s language is simple, which might make readers feel that it lacks depth. All in all, Glazed Murder earns four out of five stars, based on the quality of writing, character development, pacing, and plot structure.

The book is ideal for fans of cozy mysteries, who are looking for a charming and lighthearted read.