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Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest Review

Title: Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven

Author: Bella Forrest

First published August 27, 2018

402 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.92


When renowned musician, Axl, goes missing, Cora is approached to help locate his whereabouts. With the help of unlikely allies, a stripper and a tech-savvy genius, they embark on a journey through the city of Olympus to unravel the mystery.

But their quest is not without peril, as they must confront the sinister underworld and its ruthless leader, Marcus Ubeli. In a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, Cora finds herself in the role of Persephone, while Zeus presides as the city’s mayor.

Will their combined efforts be enough to rescue Axl’s fiance before it’s too late?

About the Author

Meet Bella Forrest, an author who has captivated millions of readers with her tales of fantasy, romance, action, and mystery. Since her debut novel was published in 2012, she has sold over seven million books worldwide.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be happy to know that she has plenty of exciting new releases in store. Check out her latest books, including “A Shade of Vampire: A Gate of Light,” “Harley Merlin 20: Persie Merlin and the Witch Hunters,” and “Darklight 8: Darkwilds.”

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Editoral Review

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven, written by Bella Forrest and first published in August 2018, is a young adult fantasy novel set in the magical world of Belwicket, where humans coexist with a variety of supernatural beings. Forrest is an accomplished writer, having authored numerous bestselling fantasy books, including the A Shade of Vampire series.

The novel revolves around the titular character, Harley Merlin, the only female worker at the Department of Mysteries, which is responsible for regulating the use of magic in Belwicket. Harley is a talented and powerful sorceress who is forced to confront her traumatic past when she learns of a secret coven operating within the department.

As she investigates the coven’s activities, Harley discovers a deadly conspiracy that threatens the safety of the entire magical community. Forrest’s writing style in Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven is engaging and fast-paced, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with a clever mix of action, mystery, and romance.

The world-building is detailed and immersive, with an intricate magic system and a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personality and backstory. The setting of Belwicket is also described in vivid detail, making it easy for readers to picture the fantastical surroundings and the creatures that inhabit them.

The novel’s strengths lie in its well-drawn characters and its intricate plot, which keep readers hooked throughout the story. Harley Merlin is a compelling protagonist, with a complex and tragic past that makes her relatable and sympathetic.

The other characters in the story, such as Wade and Finch, are also well-developed, each with their own distinctive voice and unique flaws. However, the novel does have a few weaknesses, mainly in the pacing, which sometimes slows down in the middle section, as well as the occasional unneeded side plots.

While these issues do not detract significantly from the overall quality of the book, they may lead to some readers losing interest or becoming confused at times. Despite these minor flaws, Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven is an excellent read that is sure to delight both young adult and adult readers.

Forrest’s writing is engrossing, and the story is filled with plenty of magic, intrigue, and suspense. Additionally, its themes of loyalty, family, and self-discovery are universal and relatable, making it a meaningful and enriching experience for readers of all ages.

Overall, Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven is a shining example of the young adult fantasy genre, and readers looking for a captivating and immersive story will not be disappointed. It receives a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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