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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2 by John Tiffany Review

Title: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2

Author: John Tiffany

First published July 31, 2016

327 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781338099133 (ISBN10: 1338099132)

Rating: 3.51


Discover the eighth story, set nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts… Get ready to be enchanted once again with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2. Written by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, and adapted into a thrilling play by Jack Thorne, this is the first official Harry Potter story to be presented on stage.

The play premiered in London’s West End on July 30, 2016, and has been captivating audiences ever since. In this new chapter of Harry’s life, he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children.

Meanwhile, his youngest son Albus struggles with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present collide, both father and son learn that sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable adventure filled with magic, danger, and unexpected twists.

About the Author

John Tiffany is a highly-accomplished theatre director with an MA in Theatre and Classics from Glasgow University. He has held several important positions in the theatre industry, including being the Literary Director for the Traverse Theatre and a founding Associate Director for the National Theatre of Scotland.

He is currently an Associate Director for the Royal Court Theatre, where he has directed several successful productions such as THE TWITS, HOPE, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and THE PASS.

John has also directed acclaimed productions for the National Theatre of Scotland, including LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, MACBETH, ENQUIRER, PETER PAN, THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA, TRANSFORM CAITHNESS: HUNTER, BE NEAR ME, NOBODY WILL EVER FORGIVE US, THE BACCHAE, BLACK WATCH, ELIZABETH GORDON QUINN and HOME: GLASGOW. For BLACK WATCH, John won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Director and a Critics’ Circle Award.

John has also directed successful productions on Broadway, such as THE GLASS MENAGERIE (also A.R.T.), MACBETH, and ONCE, which won 8 Tony Awards in 2012, including Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical.

In addition to his directing work, John has also worked on several other theatre productions, including THE AMBASSADOR (Brooklyn Academy of Music), JERUSALEM (West Yorkshire Playhouse), LAS CHICAS DEL TRES Y MEDIA FLOPPIES (Granero Theatre, Mexico City and Edinburgh Festival Fringe), IF DESTROYED TRUE, MERCURY FUR, HELMET and THE STRAITS (Paines Plough), GAGARIN WAY, ABANDONMENT, AMONG UNBROKEN HEARTS, PERFECT DAYS and PASSING PLACES (Traverse, Edinburgh).

John is currently working on the stage play of HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD with J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne, which opened in the West End in June 2016 to great critical acclaim.

Editoral Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2 by John Tiffany is a highly anticipated work for fans of the Harry Potter series. Written by John Tiffany, this eight edition of the Harry Potter series was first published on July 31, 2016.

The book is set nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts and follows the character of Harry Potter, now a father of three, as he grapples with the challenges of parenthood and the legacy he has left behind. Featuring a number of new characters, such as his son Albus, the novel explores the themes of friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and family.

The plot follows Albus as he struggles to navigate his place in the wizarding world and comes to terms with his famous father. Albus rebels against his family and friends, leading him to team up with Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Harrys former nemesis Draco Malfoy.

Together, the two boys embark on a journey that puts both the fate of the wizarding world and their own families in jeopardy. While the book offers a fascinating look into the lives of our beloved characters after the end of the original series, it feels more like fanfiction than a natural continuation of the series.

The play-style format of the novel can be jarring for those expecting a more traditional storytelling experience. Moreover, the characters have not been given ample time to develop, making some of their actions and choices feel unearned, and the pacing is too fast in certain parts of the book.

However, there are moments of brilliance, such as the portrayal of the relationship between Albus and Harry, the return of familiar characters, and a few clever twists that keep us on our toes. Given its flaws, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is more of a light read for hardcore Potterheads.

It is not on par with the series’ originals, but its strengths are enough to keep the magic alive for the fanbase. Overall, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2 by John Tiffany is a decent addition to the Harry Potter universe.

While it has its shortcomings, it is still an enjoyable read for true fans. Rowling’s imagination and ability to tell a great story still shines through, and there are elements in the book that give us hope for the future of the wizarding world.

Ultimately, it’s worth a read if for nothing else, but to witness the legacy of Harry Potter. Washington Post would give this book 2.5/5.