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Hollywood Husbands by Jackie Collins Review

Title: Hollywood Husbands

Author: Jackie Collins

First published January 1, 1986

560 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780671724511 (ISBN10: 0671724517)

Rating: 3.88


“Hollywood Husbands” are on fire… “Hollywood Husbands” are unstoppable…

“Hollywood Husbands” are irresistible… Meet the hottest men in Hollywood, and the women who love them.

Jack Python is the king of late-night TV, with a reputation for seducing every woman he meets. But even he can’t resist the charms of Oscar-winning actress Clarissa Browning.

Meanwhile, Howard Soloman, the head of Orpheus Studios, will stop at nothing to get what he wants – including the beautiful women who cross his path. And Mannon Cable, a superstar in his own right, is struggling to come to terms with his divorce from TV star Whitney Valentine.

When top model Jade Johnson enters their lives, she shakes up the “Three Comers” – and they may never be the same again. Jackie Collins’ “Hollywood Wives” was a sensational hit, and now “Hollywood Husbands” takes you even deeper into the scandalous world of Tinseltown.

About the Author

Jackie Collins was a unique author, providing readers with an inside look at the fast-paced world of Hollywood. She took us from luxurious Beverly Hills bedrooms to the gritty streets of Hollywood, from wild rock concerts to the lavish lifestyles of the elite.

Her writing was praised by the late director Louis Malle as being that of a “raunchy moralist,” and Vanity Fair magazine called her “Hollywood’s own Marcel Proust.” With over 500 million copies of her books sold in 40 countries and 30 New York Times bestsellers, Jackie Collins was one of the world’s most successful novelists.

She was known for her unparalleled insider knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives of the rich, famous, and infamous. Jackie often said that she wrote about real people in disguise, and that the truth was even stranger than her characters.

Sadly, Jackie passed away on September 19, 2015, after battling breast cancer.

To learn more about Jackie Collins and her work, visit her website or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Editoral Review

Jackie Collins’ novel “Hollywood Husbands” is a gripping, scandalous tale that embodies the quintessential elements of the romance novel genre. Collins’ reputation as a bold and daring author is on full display in this novel, as she takes the reader on a wild ride through the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

The story primarily follows four wealthy, powerful men who are all connected through their romantic relationships with various actresses, models, and other women in the entertainment industry. The novel takes place in the 1980s, a time when lavish parties, cocaine-fueled debauchery, and unchecked hedonism were the norm for many of the privileged denizens of Tinseltown.

Throughout the novel, the primary conflict revolves around the men’s attempts to balance their personal lives with their professional ambitions. They are driven by their insatiable desires for fame, fortune, and power, but also by their relationships with the women in their lives.

These women are often portrayed as objects of desire, with little agency or autonomy of their own. However, there are moments when Collins’ female characters demonstrate their own strength and independence, particularly in the face of the men’s egotism and selfishness.

Collins’ writing style is fast-paced, titillating, and often over-the-top, with dramatic plot twists and steamy sex scenes that will keep readers flipping the pages. Despite its pulpy, escapist nature, however, “Hollywood Husbands” does not shy away from tackling some of the darker issues that pervade Hollywood culture, such as drug addiction, misogyny, and moral decay.

One of the book’s strengths is its lush, vivid descriptions of the opulent settings and designer wardrobes that the characters inhabit. Collins’ attention to detail is impressive, and her extensive knowledge of the Hollywood elite and their lavish lifestyles is apparent in every page.

However, the book does have its flaws. Like many romance novels, the characters are often one-dimensional and lack depth, with little development over the course of the story.

Additionally, some readers may find the book’s portrayal of women to be dated and problematic, with the female characters often reduced to mere sexual objects. Despite these flaws, “Hollywood Husbands” is a guilty pleasure that will appeal to fans of drama, romance, and glitz.

Its themes of ambition, greed, and lust are just as relevant now as they were in the 1980s. Ultimately, this novel is a indulgent escape into a world of excess, passion, and high-stakes glamour.

Rating: Three out of five stars. While the book is certainly entertaining and engaging, its lack of depth and dated portrayal of women prevent it from truly rising to the level of a classic.