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Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister Review

Title: Holy Smokes

Author: Katie MacAlister

First published November 6, 2007

341 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780451222541 (ISBN10: 0451222547)

Rating: 4.13


Scarlett has always been drawn to the supernatural, so when she meets the charming vampire, Jackson, she can’t resist his allure. They quickly fall in love, but their happiness is short-lived when Jackson suddenly disappears without a trace.

Determined to find him, Scarlett enlists the help of her loyal demon companion, Max. Together, they navigate through the dangerous underworld of the paranormal to uncover the truth about Jackson’s disappearance.

With Max by her side, Scarlett knows she can face anything that comes her way. After all, demons really are a girl’s best friend.

About the Author

Katie MacAlister has been a bookworm for as long as she can remember. Her family had a weekly tradition of visiting the library, and Katie would spend most of her time lost in a good book.

However, it wasn’t until she was contracted to write a non-fiction book about software that she considered writing novels herself. Unfortunately, her editor wouldn’t allow her to include any witty dialogue or love scenes.

So, Katie quickly made the switch to fiction, where she could create her own worlds, develop her characters, and fall in love with her heroes.

Two years after she started writing novels, Katie sold her first romance, Noble Intentions. Since then, she has written more than thirty books that have been translated into many languages, recorded as audiobooks, won several awards, and made it onto the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists.

She also writes under the pen names Katie Maxwell for young adult audiences and Kate Marsh for mystery lovers.

Katie and her husband live with their dogs in the Pacific Northwest. She loves spending time online and connecting with her readers.

Editoral Review

In her 2007 novel Holy Smoke, author Katie MacAlister blends romance, humor, and supernatural elements to create a unique and entertaining story. Set in modern-day Seattle, the book follows the adventures of Aisling Grey, a Dragon Keeper with a penchant for trouble.

MacAlister, a prolific author of paranormal romance, is known for her comedic style and quirky characters. Holy Smoke is no exception, with its fast-paced plot, witty banter, and steamy love scenes.

The book is part of the Aisling Grey series, which follows Aisling’s adventures as she navigates the complex world of dragons, demons, and other supernatural beings. The plot revolves around Aisling’s efforts to retrieve a stolen dragon egg, which leads her on a wild adventure through Seattle’s underground supernatural scene.

Along the way, she encounters a colorful cast of characters, including her love interest, Drake Vireo, a powerful dragon shape-shifter, and Rene, a demon who becomes her unlikely ally. Despite its light-hearted tone, Holy Smoke touches on themes of belonging, identity, and family.

Aisling grapples with her newfound magical powers and her uncertain place in the supernatural world, while also dealing with her complicated relationship with her family back in Ireland. While Holy Smoke is a fun and enjoyable read, it does have some flaws.

The plot can be predictable at times, and the secondary characters can feel underdeveloped. Additionally, the romance between Aisling and Drake may not be to everyone’s taste, as it veers towards the over-the-top and melodramatic.

Overall, Holy Smoke is a solid addition to MacAlister’s Aisling Grey series, and will appeal to fans of paranormal romance looking for a light and entertaining read. Its blend of humor, romance, and supernatural elements make it a perfect beach read or weekend escape.

However, those looking for a more thought-provoking or complex read may be disappointed. Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.