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How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper Review

Title: How to Date Your Dragon

Author: Molly Harper

First published January 23, 2018

6 pages, Audible Audio

Rating: 3.94


In today’s world, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Jillian Ramsay, an anthropologist, is tasked by the League for Interspecies Cooperation to investigate the impact of this technology on mythological creatures.

As more and more creatures lose their hiding places to Google maps, the League prepares for the worst. Mystic Bayou, a small town in Louisiana, is one of the last places where humans and supernatural beings coexist peacefully.

Jillian’s arrival to Mystic Bayou is met with suspicion, and the town’s sheriff, Bael Boone, is keeping a close eye on her. Bael is not like any other man Jillian has met before, and their chemistry is undeniable.

As they get closer, Jillian learns that Bael might not be entirely human. How will Jillian navigate her growing feelings for Bael while fulfilling her duties for the League?

How to Date Your Dragon is a steamy romance novel that will leave you wanting more.

About the Author

Molly Harper has written over 30 romance novels, including popular series like Half-Moon Hollow and Mystic Bayou. Her home base is in Michigan where she resides with her loved ones.

For additional details about her work, visit www.mollyharper.com.

Editoral Review

How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper is not your typical paranormal romance novel. Harper takes the classic theme of forbidden love and spins it into a comedic tale filled with supernatural beings, witty banter, and unexpected plot twists.

Published in 2018, the book starts a new series by the author, the Mystic Bayou series, and has quickly gained popularity among fans of the genre. Harper is a bestselling author known for her humorous and light-hearted approach to romance novels.

In How to Date Your Dragon, she takes a different path, blending fantasy elements with a small-town setting, which adds depth to the story. The book centers around the main character, Jillian Ramsay, a human geneticist who is assigned to the small town of Mystic Bayou, Louisiana, where supernatural beings live among humans.

Jillian is tasked with studying the DNA of these beings, but her research puts her in the crosshairs of the town’s sheriff – a broodingly handsome dragon named Baelen McBride. The premise of the book is simple, yet engaging.

Harper does an excellent job of setting the stage and establishing the supernatural world while also addressing the social issues that come with it. The characters are well-developed, and their interactions are entertaining, showcasing Harper’s ability to write humorous dialogue.

One of the strongest aspects of the book is its pacing. Harper keeps the story moving at a steady pace, constantly introducing new elements that keep the reader engaged.

The book has a nice balance of romance, action, and mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. That said, the book is not without its flaws.

Harper spends a considerable amount of time explaining the supernatural world, which may feel tedious to some readers. Additionally, the romance between the two main characters feels a bit forced at times, and the ending ties up too neatly.

Overall, How to Date Your Dragon is an enjoyable read, perfect for fans of paranormal romance who appreciate a good laugh. While it may not be the most groundbreaking novel in the genre, it’s a fun and engaging read that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Harper has set up an intriguing world that will leave readers eager to know more, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the series. In conclusion, How to Date Your Dragon gets a solid four out of five stars.

While it has a few flaws, it’s an entertaining and charming read that’s perfect for anyone looking for a good supernatural romance. However, if you’re looking for a serious or complex novel, you may need to look elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for a light-hearted and fun story that will make you laugh and keep you entertained, How to Date Your Dragon is the book for you.