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Hudson by Laurelin Paige Review

Title: Hudson

Author: Laurelin Paige

First published July 8, 2014

350 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780991379668 (ISBN10: 0991379667)

Rating: 4.24


Hudson Pierce is a man who has everything, except for the one thing he’s always been curious about – love. He’s tried to understand it, control it, and manipulate it, but it always eluded him.

Until he meets Alayna Withers. With her, everything changes.

Now, he’s ready to put an end to his games and finally explore the depths of love. In this book, told from his point of view, Hudson reveals the hidden parts of his love story with Alayna.

He also uncovers the truth about his past and his complicated relationship with his long-time friend, Celia. If you want to know the full story, you must read this book, but be sure to read the FIXED TRILOGY first.


About the Author

Meet Laurelin Paige, an accomplished author known for her bestselling books, including The Fixed Trilogy, which became an international sensation. She has also penned other popular titles in the Fixed Universe and the Dirty Universe, collaborating with Kayti McGee and Sierra Simone along the way.

Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy or sizzling, angsty tales, Laurelin has got you covered. Check out her list of books categorized by trope and reading order to find your next favorite read.

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Editoral Review

Laurelin Paige’s Hudson is a captivating romance novel that explores the intricacies of modern relationships. Paige is an American author who is known for her steamy romance novels that explore intense themes like love, desire, and passion.

The novel follows the story of the eponymous character, Hudson Pierce, who is a successful businessman struggling to find love. The book is populated with a cast of interesting and compelling characters, including Alayna Withers, a young and ambitious woman who falls in love with Hudson.

At its heart, Hudson is a novel about the difficulties of modern relationships. With razor-sharp insight, Paige explores the complex issues that arise when two people try to navigate their way through love, lust, and desire in a world that is constantly changing.

One of the standout features of the novel is the quality of Paige’s writing. She writes with a skillful hand that guides the reader effortlessly through the novel’s intricate plot twists and turns.

Her characters are finely drawn, and you can’t help but become emotionally invested in their lives and relationships. Another strength of the novel is Paige’s ability to create a rich and immersive world.

The setting is evocative, and the descriptions of New York City are particularly vivid. Paige has a keen eye for detail, and her writing brings the city to life in a way that few other authors can match.

However, the novel does have a few limitations. The pacing can be a little slow at times, and some readers might find some of the plot twists and revelations a little predictable.

Additionally, there are moments when the characters’ behavior seems a little contrived, and some of their decisions are difficult to understand. Despite these minor issues, Hudson is a remarkable achievement.

With its complex characters, rich setting, and insightful themes, this is a novel that demands to be read by fans of the romance genre. Overall, I would give Hudson a strong recommendation to anyone looking for a compelling and thought-provoking romance novel.

It’s a book that will challenge your perceptions of love and relationships, and leave you with plenty of food for thought.