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Irish Crown by Nashoda Rose Review

Title: Irish Crown

Author: Nashoda Rose

First published January 1, 2018

254 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.15


One night was all it took. I never expected to see him again.

But when the six-foot-tall, tattooed Irishman walks back into my life, I can’t resist his dangerous allure. Deaglan Kane is everything I know I should stay away from.

He’s a playboy with no limits and a past that haunts him. But as he protects me from the dangers of his world, I can’t help but feel drawn to him.

His playful and sweet side is intoxicating, but behind his walls lies a darkness that threatens to consume us both. I know I should run, but I can’t resist the pull he has on my heart.

The Irish Crown may be his birthright, but he’s the king of my soul.

About the Author

Nashoda Rose, a bestselling author with appearances on both the New York Times and USA Today lists, resides just outside Toronto. When she’s not hitting the trails with her canine companions or bonding with her Gypsy Vanner horse, she’s immersing herself in the creation of intense, protective male characters and heart-wrenching love stories.

Her work has been translated into numerous languages and has garnered a global audience.

Be sure to check out her latest release, Irish Crown, and stay up to date with Nashoda Rose by following her here.

Editoral Review

Irish Crown by Nashoda Rose is a captivating novel that combines romance, suspense, and drama in a compelling narrative. The book was first published on January 1, 2018, and has been acclaimed for its unique blend of themes and characters.

Nashoda Rose is an accomplished author who has written several bestsellers, and Irish Crown is a testament to her mastery of storytelling. The book is set in Ireland, where the main protagonist, Lachlan Crow, is a powerful mafia boss who is feared and respected by his enemies and allies alike.

He is confident, strong, and ruthless in his pursuits, but he also has a vulnerable side that he keeps hidden from the world. When he falls in love with Keira Kilgore, an independent and headstrong woman, their worlds collide in a way that threatens to upend their lives.

The plot of the book is richly layered, with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged throughout. The author has created well-rounded characters that are both relatable and complex.

Lachlan and Keira’s relationship is the heart of the story, but there are also several subplots and secondary characters that add depth and richness to the narrative. One of the strengths of the book is its vivid and evocative descriptions of the Irish landscape and culture.

Nashoda Rose has clearly done her research, and the result is a book that transports the reader to another time and place. The author’s writing style is also notable for its elegance, making even the most violent scenes seem beautiful and poetic.

However, the book does have some limitations. The pacing of the narrative can be slow at times, and some readers may find that the romantic elements overshadow the action and suspense.

Additionally, while the character development is strong, some of the minor characters are not fully fleshed out. Despite these minor flaws, Irish Crown is a book that should not be missed by fans of romance, suspense, or drama.

The themes of power, love, and loyalty are universal, and the author’s skillful writing makes them feel fresh and relevant. The book’s historical and cultural significance should also not be overlooked, as it sheds light on the complex and violent history of Ireland.

In conclusion, Irish Crown by Nashoda Rose is a beautifully written book that will appeal to a wide range of readers. The author’s strengths in character development and descriptive writing make the book a pleasure to read, despite its slow pacing at times.

Fans of the author’s other works will not be disappointed, and new readers will be drawn in by the book’s compelling plot and complex characters. I give Irish Crown a rating of 4 out of 5, based on its compelling storytelling, well-crafted characters, and evocative setting.