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Island Girls by Rachel Hawthorne Review

Title: Island Girls

Author: Rachel Hawthorne

First published June 1, 2005

313 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780060755461 (ISBN10: 0060755466)

Rating: 3.67


Looking for a fun summer read filled with romance and adventure? Look no further than Island Girls by Rachel Hawthorne! Join three best friends, their dogs, and their two boyfriends as they set sail on a two-person sailboat to an idyllic island paradise.

With plenty of laughs, love, and unexpected twists and turns, this is a summer they’ll never forget. Perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Lauren Barnholdt, and Susane Colasanti, Island Girls is the ultimate beach read.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy the ride!

About the Author

Meet Rachel Hawthorne, a talented writer who goes by multiple names. She is also known as Lorraine Heath and Jade Parker.

Rachel’s mother was a British beauty, and her father was a Texan who served in the air force and was stationed at Bovingdon. Although born in Watford, Hertfordshire, Rachel soon moved to Texas, which gave her a love for both British and Texan cultures.

She enjoys incorporating both into her storytelling.

Rachel earned a BA degree in psychology from the University of Texas, which helped her to create characters that are often described as “real people.” Her writing is enjoyed by both adult and young adult readers. She has received numerous awards and recognitions, including a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for her Americana historicals, a RITA award, a HOLT medallion award, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, five Texas Gold Awards, the Golden Quill Award, and the Rising Star Award.

Her novels have also been selected by the Doubleday and Rhapsody Book Club and have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today, Waldenbooks, and most recently, the New York Times.

Editoral Review

Rachel Hawthorne’s Island Girls is a delightful young adult novel that offers a refreshing and exhilarating escape to tropical paradise. First published in 2005, the book explores the themes of friendship, romance, and self-discovery in a picturesque setting that is sure to capture the hearts of readers.

Island Girls tells the story of three childhood friends – Madison, Avery, and Aria – who reunite for a summer vacation in Maui, Hawaii. Each girl has her own reasons for taking the trip, but they soon discover that their stay on the island is more than just a fun getaway.

As they explore the breathtaking landscapes, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and engage in thrilling adventures, the girls learn more about themselves and each other than they ever expected. Hawthorne has mastered the art of descriptive writing, allowing readers to effortlessly envision the idyllic scenery, feel the warmth of the sun, and smell the salty ocean breeze.

Her writing is clear, concise, and engaging, making the book a quick and easy read that is perfect for a relaxing beach day. Another aspect of the book that stands out is the character development.

While the main characters might seem like common tropes – Madison, the responsible one, Avery, the flirt, and Aria, the free spirit – they are far from one-dimensional. Hawthorne takes the time to explore their individual struggles and insecurities, highlighting how their friendship and their time on the island help them to grow.

The supporting characters are also well-rounded, each bringing something unique and valuable to the story. The pacing of the book is well-balanced, allowing for both quiet moments of introspection and thrilling scenes of adventure.

The conflicts that arise are not overdramatic or unrealistic, but instead feel relatable and organic. While there’s no major twist, the book manages to captivate with its simplicity and charm.

However, the book is not without its flaws. Some of the dialogue can feel stilted or forced, and there are moments where certain scenes or character reactions feel underdeveloped, leaving the reader wanting more.

The ending is also a tad predictable, but it is satisfying nevertheless. Overall, Island Girls is an enjoyable and pleasurable read that offers a refreshing take on the young adult genre.

It’s a perfect summer read for readers who want to escape the monotony of everyday life and explore the beauty and excitement of a tropical island.

I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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